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  Managed care impacts almost every aspect of healthcare today: contracting, reimbursement, coverage, referrals, claims, payment and patient volume.

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“I am fairly new to the marketing aspect of this industry and your newsletter provides great ideas, information and an outlet for sharing information on emerging technology and trends.”   Julie Castongia,  Product Manager, GE Healthcare, San Diego, CA

“Very useful information… I feel that I receive a nice overview of trends, issues and a cross section of practices.  Thanks for offering this service.”   Shirley Rosien, Director, Occupational Health & Wellness, Community Memorial Hospital, Menomonee Falls, WI

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You’ll get MCO-provider developments, the latest on the adoption of consumer-driven healthcare plans, HSAs, MCO automation, systems and technology news, and details about innovative new products from such plans as Oxford, Humana, CIGNA, HAP, and Aetna, HMO and PPO enrollment issues, health promotion and network developments and contracts awarded.

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