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Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight is a periodic free e-mail intelligence briefing for senior level sales and marketing executives selling into the managed healthcare organization market.

The mission of Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight is to provide you with actionable information you can use to strengthen and grow the sales of your organization's products and services into this dynamic and changing market niche.

We help interpret and size the MCO market, identify market financial and performance trends, spotlight the leaders and report on the dimension of their product and service needs.

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The managed care market is dynamic. If you need to follow the trends in managed care, the managed care IT investments, or want background information on managed care decision makers, sign up now for Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight. If you are a managed care vendor, you know that HMO information technology is changing and evolving. If you invest in attending HMO conferences, exhibits and trade shows like the NMHCC or AHIP, it make sense to subscribe to this free information service to help identify in advance HMO product and service needs. 

You know the dimensions, for instance, of e-health for managed care, the constant updating of health care payer technology, and the demand for healthcare electronic connectivity, what you need to know about marketing to physicians, especially the large independent practice associations and physician hospital organizations that in many ways are “leading the way” in healthcare connectivity today. 

For sales prep and background information, you like to know about MCO profits and finances, HMO purchasing plans, technology trends in managed care market, and insight into selling to the managed care market, whether you’re selling to HMOs or selling to PPOs, the insight and overview you’ll get from Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight can only help.

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Each issue of Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight reports on significant topics for sales executives including MCO revenues, profits, mergers and acquisitions, growing markets, technology needs and developments, statistics, insider information about the top ranked for profit HMO in nation, e-health for MCOs, the impact of and requirements for HIPAA compliance and insight on all aspects of the business of managed care and what it means for your sales efforts.

Recent issues have featured an assessment of the health technology needs of managed care, a profile of one of the largest health plans, details on the managed care market, the latest on provider pay-for-performance programs, and, why p4p needs health IT, news about the health plan that launched a $1 million e-prescribing pilot program, the New York IPA that has made secure online communication available for patients, how one provider association is pushing for e-tools for members, expert opinion on the double digit increases in medical costs projected for 2007, the top 10 trends for hospitals of the future, how industry trade associations are developing personal health record standards, and how the national patient safety initiative will provide free e-prescribing to every physician in America.

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If your organization sells products or services into the managed care industry, subscribe right now to Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight. There is no cost.

Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight wants to be your MCO sales support companion. The opportunities in this market are robust. We urge you to save every issue of this management brief for future reference. And, forward each issue of Managed Care Vendor Sales Insight to the members of your team and others who may benefit from the information.

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