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Managed Care Weekly Watch
This Week's Insight And Analysis:
Updated: June 1, 2011

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  • New Trade Group Aims To Ensure Sanctity Of Patient Health Records
  • Plans Underway To Design Performance-Based-Contracting-Program-For-Physician-Groups
  • EHR Value Unproven But Doctors Have To Buy Them, Dentzer Says
  • 52 New York State Hospitals To Share $19 Million In Quality Improvement Incentives
  • Health Plan To Help Providers Collect Self-Reported Patient Data
  • Federal Grant Lets Maryland Set Up Health Insurance Exchange
  • HHS Unit Wards Contract To Advance Use Of HIT In Doctors’ Offices
  • Arkansas Blues Taps Seven Medical Practices For Pilot Program
  • Illinois Blues, Hospital Association Collaborate To Reduce Readmissions
  • GAO Cites Medicare For Redundancy In E-Prescribing And HIT Programs
  • Study: Personal Physicians Ensure Better Care
  • Medicare Expands Hospital Information On Web Site
  • Money Could Be Biggest Barrier To Integrated, Accountable Care
  • P4P Could Take From Poor, Give To Rich
  • Physician Cost Profiling Can Vary Widely, Study Finds
  • Maryland Unveils Patient-Centered Medical Home Program
  • Two California Groups Will Make Physician Performance Results Public
  • U.S. Companies Still Lacking Formal Healthcare Policy To Match Business Objectives
  • Primary Care, Specialists Salary Gap Narrowing
  • Bloom May Be Off Electronic Health Records Rose
  • Cost Of Care Survey Identifies Trends In Long-Term Care
  • The Bigger The Physician Group The Better The Care, Study Finds
  • Hospital Quality, Death Rates, Don’t Go Hand-in-Hand
  • “Worksite Wellness Blueprint” Reviews Wellness Activities, Needs And Barriers
  • Physician Cost Profiling Reviewed: Bad Information: Inexpensive Doctors May Not Save Money
  • Lose-Lose: Radiologist P4P Programs Generate Small Bonuses, Less Quality Care
  • Geisinger Health Plan: Smoother Sailing For Patient Healthcare Navigation
  • Upgrade Quality, Reduce Waste To Improve Hospital Quality
  • Complex Care For Obese Could Cut Into Doctor Incentives
  • ICU Infections, Mortality Don’t Always Tell Hospital Quality, Study Reports
  • Why Companies Are Making Health Disparities Their Business
  • IHA Project Tests Viability Of Bundled Care Payments
  • 2010

  • Talk To Me, California Blues Tells Its Members
  • Premier, 19 Members Want To Turn Sick Healthcare System Into Healthy One
  • Tennessee Health Plan Develops New Quality Measures
  • Keystone State Providers, Insurers Join Initiative To Prevent Avoidable Episodes
  • P4P Programs, Health Quality Can Co-Exist, Panel Says
  • Prevention Quality Indicators Cataloged By AHRQ
  • School Days: Kaiser Permanente Aces OPA Test
  • N.H. City, Anthem Blues Reward Smart Healthcare Shoppers
  • Medical Home Concept Could Be Good Medicine For Pharma
  • CIGNA Worksite Wellness Program Takes Aim At Metabolic Syndrome
  • ValueConnect Connecting Hospitals To Quality, Safety
  • Class 101: Healthcare Legislation Made Simple
  • Minnesota Providers Fighting Readmission Trend
  • National PPO Group Breaks Silence On Silent PPOs
  • Value-Based Health Benefit Increases Employee Engagement
  • Paradigm Shift: Healthcare Spending Grows Economy, Saves Money, Study Reports
  • Health And Financial Concerns Impact Employee Productivity – Self-Efficacy Program Helps
  • Mail Order Medicine: Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • Most Americans Don’t Prepare For Illness Or Injury That Puts Their Income At Risk
  • Fill Prescriptions On Time, Save $20 – New UHC Program
  • Insurers Eyeing ATM-like Technology To Streamline System
  • Cisco Unveils Telemedicine Pilot Program To Expand Medicine Delivery
  • Health Plan Creates Adult National Cancer Care Registry
  • DM Seen Making A Difference In Allentown
  • Aetna Health Improvement Idea Relies On Social Networking Team
  • Pharmacy Industry P4P Program Being Adopted
  • KP, Veterans Join Up For Health Care Upgrade
  • Coming Soon To The Nursing Profession: P4P
  • Chronic Job Stress Seen Leading To Weight Gain/Obesity
  • Fee-For-Service, Capitation Facing Competition, Extinction
  • Geisinger Writes Own Script To Create Medical Home Program
  • Taking 200 Billion Steps In The Right Direction: Virgin HealthMiles Pay-For-Prevention Model
  • California Hospital-Physician Deals Undermining Cost Savings
  • Employers Cutting Costs; Reducing Benefits
  • Hospital Infections Wreak Havoc With Patients, Hospital Finances
  • Study Says: P4P Promotes Cheating Instead Of Productivity
  • Unique Program Wins Upstate NY IPA Diabetes Endorsement
  • Much Lower Healthcare Costs For Incentive-Based Wellness Program Participants
  • $6 Million Collaborative To Improve Healthcare Quality A Joint Effort
  • Ingenix Offering Physicians A Deal On Its CareTracker EHR
  • Study Says: P4P Promotes Cheating Instead Of Productivity
  • KP Offers Nutritional Information On Hospital Cafeteria Menus
  • Reimbursement And HIT Study Fueled By $1 Million HHS Grant
  • Employers Concerned About Effects Of Rising Healthcare Costs On Corporations, Employees
  • Hospitals Can Deliver Care Efficiently, Leapfrog Survey Proves
  • HealthPartners Paying Out More Yearly For Quality Treatment
  • Economy, Health Reform Defining Trends
  • Medicare Projects Upping Odds For Community-Wide Health Role
  • UCare Says Its P4P Program Works; Has Data To Back It Up
  • HIT Beacon Communities Awarded $220 Million
  • Caregiving Employees Cost Billions More For Healthcare, Annually
  • For Physicians EHR Is A Stubborn Pocketbook Issue
  • MCOs Utilize Prevention And Education To Limit Denials
  • RWJF Awards Nine Communities Money To Support Novel Programs
  • FY 2011 Updates Proposed, More Reporting Measures
  • Massachusetts Health Plan Developing ‘Critical Mass’ To Make Dent In Quality, Cost
  • Gainsharing Gaining Favor At West Virginia Hospital
  • FY 2011 Updates Proposed, More Reporting Measures
  • Today’s Economic Turmoil, Drives Need For HPM Programs, According To IBI
  • Highmark QualityBLUE Program Found To Save Lives, Money
  • Driving To Be Better, Consumer-Driven Health Plans Doing As Designed
  • BCBSNC Sets New Reimbursement Model For Primary Care Physicians
  • Massachusetts Health Plan Developing ‘Critical Mass’ To Make Dent In Quality, Cost
  • Most Primary-Care Physician Practices May Be Too Small To Measure Quality Adequately
  • Latinos Lack Health Insurance At Double The National Average
  • Integrated Payment, Delivery Model Working For HealthPartners
  • Green Hospital Equipment Could Save Millions
  • Highmark Helping Its Employees Scale Heights Of Health Improvement
  • Spectrum Health Joins PROMETHESUS Pay Model Pilot
  • Congress Delays Pending Cuts, Extensions Are Approved
  • Blues Plans Setting Sights On Sugar And Fat
  • Excellus Pays-Out $22 Million In Incentive Payments To NY Hospitals
  • Money Talks: Health Assessments Work With Right Incentives, Study Reports
  • Humana Growth Spurt Planned; Products, Markets Expanding
  • ARRA Accepting Applications For Primary Care Training, Over $255 Million
  • America Seen Strong In Treating Disease; Fails Miserably In Disease Prevention
  • California Insurers Deny 21 Percent Of Claims, Drawing State Probe
  • New Remedies Needed To Attract Physicians To Participate In Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Employees Paying More For Healthcare; Getting More Preventive Support, Says Study
  • FY 2011 Budget Requests $81.3 Billion For HHS
  • Anthem Blues Singing Quality, Performance Tune In Colorado
  • Out-Of-Network Physicians Run Up Fees On Health Plan Members, Claims Review Finds
  • Health Plans Feel Effects Of Tough Economy As Membership Levels Drop
  • CIGNA, Texas Clinic Launch Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot Program
  • Researchers Touting An Open Book Approach Between Doctor, Patient
  • States Receive $21 Billion For HIT Incentive Programs
  • Illinois Paying Doctors Bonuses For Providing Quality Care
  • It Can Be Done: CDPHP Found To Prove Quality Goes Up As Costs Go Down
  • Major Employers – BCBS Companies – Join To Incentivize Healthier Behavior
  • California Insurers Deny 21 Percent Of Claims, Drawing State Probe
  • Care For Vulnerable Population Fails To Improve
  • P4P Programs Help Improve Care – Most Of The Time, Study Finds
  • Business Associates Should Be In Compliance With HIPAA
  • Talking Money Is Touchy Subject; Doctors Must Take Lead, Study Finds
  • Health Insurance Premiums Soar, Outpacing Wages
  • Need For Data Raises Need For Health IT: Gap Assistance Programs Seen As Cost Effective Way To Funding IT
  • Blue Cross Plan First To Receive Wellness And Health Promotion Accreditation
  • Quality Paying Off For North Shore-LIJ Hospitals
  • EHR Incentive Program Establishes Eligibility And Payment Calculations
  • Wellpoint Foundation Supports FHCE Help Line For Uninsured
  • California Blue Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is
  • Getting The Measure Of Quality Improvement
  • Anthem Blues Launches Member-To-Member Health Survey Tool
  • Focus Will Be On Data In The Emerging Era Of Value-Based Models Of Reimbursement
  • IBM Provides Private Financing For EHR Adoption
  • Intelligent Design Of P4P Programs Could Save Money
  • Measures,Measures Everywhere; Providers Struggling To Keep Up
  • U.S. Health Care Quality: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • CMS Awards $17 Million To State Medicaid Programs For EHR Incentive Payments
  • Payor-Provider Contracting In Era Of Value-Based Purchasing Payment Reform Models
  • Will Diabetes Meet Its Match In P4P?
  • Are Consumers Getting The Information They Need From Health Plans?
  • Quality Gap Widening Between U.S.-World Doctors
  • New Strategy Shows Promise Of Improved Quality At Less Cost
  • New Telehealth Program Brought To United Healthcare Rural Colorado Site
  • Faltering Economy Challenging Medical Practice Operations
  • Physicians Using HIT Improve Clinical Quality, Study Finds
  • Age Ratings Focus Of BCBSA Commissioned Analysis On Cost Impact
  • Computers Trumping Doctors’ Handwriting In Michigan Blues Program
  • Transparency Can Work If Consumers Know Provider Quality Gaps, Study Finds
  • Where Employers Are Making Changes In Health Benefit Plan Features
  • Increasing Demand And Utilization Of Healthcare – 2010 Healthcare Trends
  • Gainsharing: Aligning Incentives For Physicians And Hospitals
  • Quality Transparency Tools For Consumers Seen Having Minimal Impact
  • 2009

  • Survey Finds: Denials A Costly Problem For Physicians, Insurance Companies At Fault
  • Value-Based Purchasing Programs Showing Promise
  • Inside Report: Large Medical Groups Pay Member Physicians On Quality-Patient Satisfaction
  • 9 Physician Groups And Clinic Improve Quality Of Care In CMS Demonstration Program
  • Health Plan Consolidation, State Market Dominance Resulting In Rising Health Costs
  • Denial Solutions: Standardization, Strict Punishments And Education, Survey Respondents Cry Out
  • Medical Home Pilot For Diabetes Begun In South Carolina; Enrolls 1,110
  • Health Insurance Trade Associations Commission Reviews Related To Health Reform Issues
  • CMS: Part D Premiums Estimated To Increase An Average Of $24 Per Year For 2010
  • Survey: PPOs Have Problems With Member Satisfaction Issues
  • Technology For Administrative Processes Could Save More Than $300 Billion
  • Managed Care on Facebook and Twitter
  • Blue Cross Plans Join In Initiative To Increase Transparency
  • WellPoint To Offer Behavior-Based Wellness And Incentives Programs To Members
  • Through The Looking Glass: What Health/Managed Care Executives See Ahead For P4P
  • HMOs Top PPOs – Members Save Money On Premiums; Customer Support
  • Prevention Ranks As Most Important Health Reform Priority, Poll Finds
  • Health Plan Develops Real-Time Claims Tools
  • IHA P4P Program Unites California Health Care Fractions
  • Denying Coverage To Those With Pre-Existing Conditions Subject Of New Federal Report
  • Delivering Quality Healthcare To The Doorstep Of Rural Americans
  • IBC Launches New Programs Aimed At Chronic Disease
  • Massachusetts Physicians Receive $27 Million In Incentive Awards
  • Value Of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Continues To Erode, Study Finds
  • Kellogg Foundation Grant Will Help A Michigan County Transform Its Healthcare Delivery
  • Study On Co-Pays Honored As Year’s Top Health Services Research
  • Tampa Bay Becomes First Community To Jump-Start E-Health Revolution
  • Who’s Driving Up Healthcare Costs?
  • Aetna Wins Contracts For Central, Eastern And Western Missouri Medicaid
  • Insurer Personal Health Records (PHRs): Can They Bridge the Information Gap?
  • Aetna Announces Results From Set Of Analyses
  • Medigap Proves Satisfaction For Nearly 9 In 10 Seniors
  • AHIP Promotes Private-Sector Solutions For Healthcare Reform
  • CalPERS Pilot Program Aiming For Cost-Effective, Quality Care
  • Anthem BCBS Retains The Commonwealth Of Virginia Health Insurance Account
  • BCBSNC Finds Lower Healthcare Spending A Result Of Quality Incentives
  • What's Missing In Physician Performance Measurement
  • Payerview Rankings Keep Tabs on Top National Health Insurers
  • $350 Million Recovered In 2008 Blue Cross And Blue Shield Anti-Fraud Investigations
  • Caring For Very Sick Patients Seem Not To Hinder P4P Incentives
  • Study Finds Americans Know Little About Generic Prescriptions
  • Physicians: “You Can Help Achieve Real Healthcare Reform”
  • Higher Co-Payments Discourage Patients From Starting Drug Treatment
  • Groundbreaking P4P Contract Links CIGNA, Merck, In Effort To Control Type 2 Diabetes
  • Study Documents Benefits And Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Enrollees In Medicare Advantage
  • Patients Reveal A Willingness For Computer Consultations
  • BCBS Companies Highlight Successful Private Market Strategies For Improving Health
  • Deloitte Survey Finds Healthy Consumer Demand For Electronic Health Records
  • Medicaid Physician Fees Grew 15 Percent From 2003 To 2008
  • Lowering Health Insurance Member Disenrollment Can Generate Incremental Revenue
  • U.S. Health Care System Fails To Protect Patients From Deadly Medical Errors
  • Ontario Investing In Shorter ER Wait Times
  • Consumers Rate U.S. Healthcare System Poorly, According To Deloitte Survey
  • U.S.Hospital Use Of Electronic Health Records Abysmally Low, Says New Study
  • Physician Practice Interactions With Health Plans Cost $31 Billion A Year
  • Providers Receive No Additional Compensation For On-Call Coverage
  • CIGNA And Merck Sign Performance-Based Contract
  • AHA Reports Hospitals In Financial Danger As Less Patients Seek Care
  • Aetna’s CDHP Study Reveals Big Savings For Employers
  • Most Employers Underestimate Full Costs of Employee Health on Productivity
  • Study: Physician Performance Can Be Tiered Using Measure Composites
  • Mercer Sees Significant Growth In Health Plan Dependent Eligibility Audits
  • Survey Results: Healthcare Technology Advances As Physician Frustration Grows
  • New Study Shows Healthcare Costs Put U.S. Workers At Big Disadvantage
  • 20 Percent Of Hospitalized Medicare Patients Readmitted To Hospital Within 30 Days
  • Value Of Hospital Care Can Vary 40 Percent Across Regions Of The Country
  • National Physician Education Program On Stimulus And EHRs Launched
  • Taming Wide Variations In Spending Key To Health Reform Says Dartmouth Atlas Project
  • Satisfaction With Health Plans Lower Among Individual Purchasers, Says J.D. Power
  • Scope Of Care Coordination Daunting For Physicians Treating Medicare Patients
  • FTC Staff Okays Maryland “Clinical Integration” Program
  • Research Show That Physician P4P Programs Work With Appropriate Incentives: BTE
  • CIGNA To Launch Cost Of Care Estimator
  • CIGNA Study: Americans With CDHPs Reduce Medical Costs Without Cutting Care
  • New Kaiser Family Foundation Report Highlights Financial Squeeze On Cancer Patients
  • Massachusetts Health Quality Partners Issues 2009 Report On Quality Of Care
  • Adoption Of Personalized Medicine May Yield Significant ROI, According To Deloitte
  • Leapfrog Group Survey Finds Hospitals Fail To Meet Important Quality Standards
  • Michigan Blues Launch Nation’s Largest Program for Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Tampa Bay Becomes First Community To Jump-Start America’s E-Health Revolution
  • Study Finds Over Half Of US Hospitals Utilize Hospitalists
  • Humana And Wisconsin Health Information Exchange Enter Into Collaborative Business Program
  • Medica P4P Program Rewards Providers More Than $3 Million
  • Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield To Open ‘Highmark Direct’
  • Massachusetts Studies Reveal Importance Of Incentives In Healthcare IT Adoption
  • WellPoint Announces Collaborative Partnership To Expand Access
  • P4P For Medical Groups Stimulates Changes In Practice
  • Aetna To Expand Footprint In Dubai
  • Survey Shows P4P Now A Mature Strategy
  • First Rewards Paid To New Jersey Doctors Through Participation In BTE
  • National Quality Forum Convenes Movement To Transform Healthcare
  • Medicare Advantage Plans Increases Medicare Costs, Studies Report
  • WellPoint Introduces International Medical Tourism Pilot Program
  • Coordinated Care Programs For Medicare Beneficiaries Do Not Show Benefit
  • BCBSA Spearheads Initiative To Improve Healthcare Quality
  • P4P Program Reduces Emergency Room Congestion In British Columbia
  • UnitedHealthcare, IBM And Arizona Physicians To Launch Healthcare Initiative
  • New Strategy Would Insure Everyone And Slow Spending Growth Through 2020
  • HealthGrades To Provide Physician And Hospital Ratings On Yahoo!
  • Dramatic Gains In Upstate New York’s Generic Drug Prescribing Patterns
  • Despite Economic Woes, Physician Compensation Increases
  • Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Introduces International Medical Tourism Pilot Program
  • Adoption Of Personalized Medicine May Yield Significant ROI According To Deloitte
  • BCBSA Survey Finds CDHP Consumers Are More Health And Cost Conscious
  • eHealth Initiative Recognizes Leading Organizations That Are Improving Healthcare IT
  • Bridges To Excellence Pays Massachusetts Doctors Bonuses
  • CMS Releases First Results Of Hospital Quality Reporting For Outpatient Services
  • Washington Medical Quality Measurably Improves, According To Premera Blue Cross
  • Success Of BCBSND Diabetes Control Pilot Program Leads To Statewide Launch
  • Survey Finds Numerous Problems Facing Primary Care Doctors
  • Employers Want Help From Health Insurers To Manage Benefits
  • New Study Of Physicians Using HIT In Hospitals
  • Access To Physicians Is Consumers’ Highest Priority When Choosing A Health Plan
  • CMS Selects Sites For Demonstration To Improve Quality
  • Cleveland Clinic Pilots Microsoft HealthVault
  • BCBSMA Signs First Groups To Alternative Quality Contract
  • AMA Works To Reverse Primary Care Physician Shortage
  • Survey Shows Steep Consumer Health Plan Learning Curve
  • ECG Management Consultants Inc. Releases Findings From Its Provider Surveys
  • States See Rising Enrollment In Medicaid As Economy Falters
  • HMSA Pays Physicians And Hospitals Nearly $21 Million In Quality Incentives
  • Health Of Medicare And Medicaid Recipients In Florida Improves
  • Massachusetts Doctors Receive BTE Bonuses
  • Aetna And Partners In Care Test New Approach To Healthcare Services
  • Aetna And North Shore-Long Island Jewish Enter Into Three P4P Agreements
  • Final 2009 Physician Payment Rule Implements New E-Prescribing Incentive Program
  • Twenty-One Hospitals Unite To Improve Quality And Patient Safety
  • Medical Group Practice Cost Increases Outpace Revenues
  • 79 Million U.S. Adults Have Medical Bill Problems Or Are Paying Off Medical Debt
  • Medicare Hospital P4P Program May Penalize Hospitals Caring For Large Numbers Of Poor
  • Medical Tourism A $2.1 Billion Business And Growing
  • Fee-For-Service Healthcare Payment System Not Effective, Experts Say
  • Kaiser Permanente Opens Eco-Friendly Pasadena Medical Office Building
  • BCBSMA To Require e-Prescribing To Qualify For Physician Incentive Programs
  • Minnesota Medical Groups Bridge Disparities Gap
  • Survey: 82 Percent Of Americans Think The Healthcare System Needs Major Overhaul
  • CSMS Issues Physician Workforce Survey Report
  • Henry Ford Partners With Chrysler To Open Onsite Healthcare Clinic And Pharmacy
  • HealthPartners Pays Performance Bonuses For Providers
  • Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Minnesota Offers No Co-Pay For Use Of Retail Clinics
  • Arkansas Hospitals Rewarded For Efforts To Improve Care
  • ICD-10 Mandate Hardship For Healthcare Providers Says Study
  • Bridges To Excellence Study Shows Participating Physicians Provide Better Quality Of Care
  • The Permanente Medical Group And Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group Agree To Affiliation
  • New Report: Investment In Disease Prevention Could Save America More Than $16 Billion

  • New AHRQ Study Finds Surgical Errors Cost Nearly $1.5 Billion Annually
  • Starting Salaries Linked To Primary Care Physician Shortage
  • Incentive Programs For EHR Adoption Growing
  • While HMO Premiums Remain High, Rate Of Increase To Decline In 2009
  • Anthem Blue Cross Of California Pays Out Over $75 Million In Physician Bonus Incentives
  • PrimeDoc Hospitalist Group Expands Into Specialty Hospital Care
  • Bravo Health Presents Bonus To Baltimore Medical System
  • Program Launched To Give Physicians Shared, Web Access To Patients’ Imaging Records
  • Survey Reveals Employers’ Spending On Incentives For Health Management Programs
  • Health Plans Ramp Up Hospital-Physician Price And Quality Transparency Tools
  • Colorado Business Group On Health Expands Bridges To Excellence Program
  • RWJF Announces $300-Million Commitment To Improve Quality of U.S. Healthcare
  • Kaiser Permanente And Microsoft Pilot Heath Data Transfers
  • Blue Shield Of California Awards $29.5 Million In P4P Bonuses In 2008
  • ValuSource And MGMA Launch Free Benchmarking Dashboards For Medical Practices
  • Report On Physician Perspectives Released
  • 2008 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety And Quality Award Recipients Revealed
  • BCBSMA Signs Agreement To Integrate With Google Health
  • Survey Reveals Top Qualities For Consumers Choosing A Doctor
  • New NCQA Program To Evaluate Wellness And Health Promotion
  • NQF Endorses National Consensus Standards
  • New Approach For Improving Depression Care Introduced At 10 Minnesota Clinics
  • Geisinger Study: Increasing Healthcare Value Improves Quality
  • Hospital Expenditures For Physician On-Call Pay Rates Increase
  • P4P Leads To Faster Emergency Department Care In Vancouver
  • Oncologists And BCBSM Team In National Effort To Improve Cancer Care
  • J.D. Power Ranks Health Plan Member Satisfaction By Region
  • Hospitals Buying Physician Practices And Employing The Doctors
  • CMS Proposes Clamp Down On Medicare Advantage And Part D Marketing Abuses
  • New Survey: 82 Percent Of Americans Think Healthcare System Needs Major Overhaul
  • 10 Prescription Drugs Accounted For More Than $1 Billion In Spending
  • Passport Health Plan Enhances P4P Program
  • NCQA Updates Physician And Hospital Quality Program
  • Arkansas Hospitals Rewarded For Efforts To Improve Care
  • Visits To Primary Care Physicians May Decrease Hospital Stays At End-of-Life
  • UnitedHealthcare Enrollment In CDHPs Tops 2.7 Million
  • Innovations Lacking In Provider Payment Reform For Chronic Disease Care
  • Higher Standard Treating Chronically Ill Could Save Medicare $50 Billion
  • Number Of Upper Midwest Clinics Providing Excellence In Treatment Increases
  • Family Healthcare Contributions Edge Closer To Full Month’s Salary, Says Aon Consulting
  • Foundation Awards $1.3 Million To Integrated Healthcare Association
  • Physician-Owned Hospitals Linked To Shifts In Care
  • Patient Lives Saved And $24.5 Million In Incentives Awarded
  • Specialty Physician Compensation Barely Keeps Up With Inflation, Says MGMA
  • Companies Are Getting More Involved In The Health Of Their Workforce
  • Physicians Use BioSignia Tool To Obtain P4P Certification
  • Massachusetts Health Quality Partners Issues 2008 Report On Quality Of Care
  • Aetna Pays Medical Providers The Fastest Among National Commercial Insurers
  • Consumer-Driven Health Plans Generate Modest Savings For Employers
  • Hudson Health Plan Receives Grant To Evaluate Physician P4P Incentives
  • BTE Study Assesses Clinical And Financial Impact Of Physician Quality Measures
  • Hospital Pay-For-Performance Incentives May Backfire Among Safety-Net Hospitals
  • CIGNA And Dartmouth-Hitchcock Launch “Patient-Centered Medical Home” Program
  • Most Doctors Support National Health Insurance, New Study Shows
  • Kaiser Permanente Completes Implementation Of Outpatient EHR For All Members
  • Wellmark Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Iowa Promotes Improved Health
  • Buyers Health Care Action Group Pilots New P4P Program For Depression
  • Enrollment In Consumer-Driven Plans Remains Low, Survey Shows
  • CMS Selects Cerner To Participate In Quality Reporting Initiative
  • Highmark Inc. Moves To Fund Physician Adoption Of Health Information Technology
  • New Payment Framework Proposed Under Joint Principles Of PCMH
  • BCBSM Physicians And Hospitals Work To Save Lives, Improve Care And Reduce Costs
  • Few Employers Addressing Workplace Stress, Watson Wyatt Surveys Find
  • MedStar Health And Rite Aid To Launch Health Clinics In Rite Aid Stores
  • National Healthcare Expenditures Projected To Double By 2017 To $4.3 Trillion
  • The Leapfrog Group Releases 2008 Hospital Survey
  • Blue Shield Of California Foundation Awards $13.1 Million To Improve Patient Safety
  • BCBSMA Captures Electronic Clinical Outcomes Results From Providers
  • Physicians Treating More Minority Patients Earn Less
  • National Business Coalition On Health Endorses Patient Charter
  • Staff Care Survey: 77 Percent Of Hospitals Report Using Physician ‘Temps’
  • Minnesota Healthcare Providers Join In Launch Of “Online Shopping Mall” For Healthcare
  • Specialty Healthcare Organizations Endorse Joint Principles Of PCMH
  • Chrysler Goes Holistic To Revolutionize Back Pain Care In The Workplace
  • AHRQ Finds Modest Healthcare Quality Gains Outpaced By Spending
  • Highmark Study Shows ROI For Employee Wellness Program
  • First Health Plans Receive Bridges To Excellence Endorsement And Certification
  • Family Medicine Surges In 2008
  • Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Improves Safety In Colorado Hospitals
  • HIT Slow To Develop In Practices
  • Medicaid Managed Care Plans Place More Burden On Patients And Families
  • National Survey Queries Ambulatory Surgery Centers On Electronic Documentation
  • Aetna Research Identifies Four Keys To Success For CDHPs
  • HealthSpring’s Pay-For-Quality Pilot Results Show Increased Prevention, Healthier Members
  • AHRQ Releases Consumer Financial Incentives Guide For Employers
  • New Patient Safety Proposed Regulation Aims To Improve Healthcare Quality
  • Part-Time Practice Trends Intensify Physician Shortage, Finds AMGA And Cejka Search


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