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Managed Care Information Center
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For Your Intranet:
Managed Care Market Information Solutions

Shared Access • Work Groups • Project Teams — You Define the Information You Need

Now you and your colleagues can have the most accurate, reliable, comprehensive, and specialized information access to market developments focusing on managed care organizations, integrated healthcare delivery systems and the rapidly growing world of physician organizations.

* Competitor Intelligence
* Market Research
* Identifying New Markets
* Sales Contact Opportunities
* Merger or Affiliation Targets
* Systems and Network Integration
* Physician Trends and Data
* Identifying Regional Trends
* Market Share Analysis
* Enrollment Data

Designed for your organization’s intranet -- you and your colleagues can get the managed care news, information and trends you’ve been searching for -- on your desktop PC the way you want it. Make The Managed Care Information Center your central source of managed care information on your company’s intranet. Our intranet services are flexible to meet your company’s requirements and can be easily integrated into your organization’s in-house research and data.

Choose what you need electronically from our highly focused professional information services. They are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week with keyword searching. You’ll also get specialized news alerts and access to two years of our archives.

The Executive Report on Managed Care
A twice-a-month report covering how major employers are implementing managed care programs, helping companies prepare to evaluate and monitor various managed care proposals in terms of their cost effectiveness, quality and liability to the employer.

Our three directories include extensive organization profiles listing key executive contacts, year founded, profit status and other organization-specific facts and figures. You and your colleagues will have the most accurate, reliable and comprehensive specialized information access to market your products and services to managed care organizations, integrated healthcare delivery systems and physician organizations.

The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations, Seventh Edition
Currently lists 1,450 managed care organizations and is constantly updated. Available online and includes keyword searching capabilities.

The National Directory of Health Systems, Hospitals and Their Affiliates
Get the facts and statics you need on more than 700 major health systemssystems and their 11,500 system affiliations. Information is delivered electronically.

The National Directory of Physician Organizations
Access to 2,200 physician organizations with key statistics. Information is delivered electronically.

One thing is for certain, information specialists, market researchers and analysts are only going to get inundated with more questions and more searches as the influence of managed care continues to spread.

Get help monitoring current developments and trends, answering frequently asked questions, finding more information about “deals” and the resources and strategies to support marketing in this managed care environment right on your desktop.

We can tailor your intranet service to meet your organization’s special managed care information needs. For instance, you can receive online delivery of The Executive Report on Managed Care, or gain password access to The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Online Database. Information can be accessed from your company’s intranet or can be accessed via an extranet.

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