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Updated: May 4, 2010
ARRA Accepting Applications For Primary Care Training, Over $255 Million

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 is accepting applications for various aspects of training in primary care medicine, worth a total of $255,515,000; deadline is May 21.

There are six programs offering funding in an effort to boost the healthcare profession, an amount of $51,103,000 is allocated over five years for each program under the training grants.

Residency Training in Primary Care

An estimated 78 grants at an average of $230,000 will be awarded to support a residency training program in an accredited school.

"Funds may be used to provide need-based financial assistance in the form of traineeships and fellowships to medical students, medical personnel, who are participants in any such program, and who plan to specialize or work in the practice of the fields of family medicine, general internal medicine or general pediatrics. Funds may be used to plan, develop and operate a program for the training of physicians teaching in community-based settings," according to the grant announcement.

The training activities must be conducted by an accredited entity and eligible applicants are public or nonprofit private hospitals, schools of medicine, academically affiliated physician assistant training program or a public or private nonprofit entity, deemed by the Secretary of HHS, capable of facilitating the grants.

Physician Faculty Development in Primary Care

There is an expected 78 awards, with no floor or ceiling. The application requirements and eligibility is the same as residency training grants, but will be focused on fostering financial assistance forphysicians who are participating in teaching or research programs in family medicine, general internal medicine or general pediatrics training program.

Physician Assistant Training in Primary Care

The grant program will award 78 grants for planning, developing and operating a physician assistants education program as well as training for individuals who will be teaching the education programs. The training must be provided through an accredited entity.

Predoctoral Training in Primary Care

Rounding out the training grants, the predoctoral program will offer 78 grants to fund accredited professional training programs and financial assistance for medical students to complete their training, community-based settings are welcomed, according to the grant announcement. Training must be received by an accredited entity.

Administrative Academic Units in Primary Care

Seventy-eight grants will support the establishment, maintenance or the improvement of primary care academic units. The funds may be used by academic divisions, departments or programs to improve clinical teaching and research.

Grants could also be used for the integration of academic administrative units to enhance recruitment, training and faculty development.

"Qualified applicants may request a preference if they agree to expend the funds for the purpose of establishing academic units or programs in the fields of family medicine, general internal and/or general pediatrics; or substantially expand such units or programs," according to the grant announcement.

Applicants who are eligible are: state governments; county governments; state controlled institutions of higher education; private institutions of higher education; and accredited schools of medicine or osteopathic medicine.

Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Joint Graduate Degree

One hundred grants averaging $230,000 will be awarded to joint graduate degree programs to provide interdisciplinary and interprofessional graduate training in public health, environmental health, infectious disease control, disease prevention and health promotion, epidemiological studies and injury control.

Eligibility for joint graduate degrees is open to state and county governments, state and private institutions of higher learning, accredited public or nonprofit private hospitals and schools of medicine.

There are possible preference boosters an applicant can implement in their application. For displaying need, an application can receive an additional 15 pts.; depicting the recipients response – 30 pts.; including evaluative measures – 15 pts.; determining grant impact – 10 pts.; indicating resources –20 pts.; and support requested – 10 pts. Click here for the unique funding priorities to the proposal.

All applications can be submitted online through The program officer is Daniel Mareck, available at

Address: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,, 200 Independence Ave. SW, HHH Building, Washington DC 20201; (800) 518-4726,

  This article was taken from:
Health Grants Information Service

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