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Updated: April 7, 2009
eHealth Initiative Recognizes Leading Organizations That Are Improving Healthcare IT

The eHealth Initiative (eHI) recognized four organizations who have demonstrated leadership in engaging consumers, transforming care delivery, improving population health through the use of health information technology (HIT) as well as effectively financing and aligning incentives to support its use.

Awards categories align with the key components of the eHealth Initiative Blueprint: From Consensus to Common Action, representing multi-stakeholder consensus on a shared vision and a set of principles,strategies and actions for improving health and healthcare through information and information technology.

Through a collaborative process led by eHI’s multi-stakeholder leadership, development of the eHI Blueprint involved nearly 200 organizations representing the many diverse stakeholders in healthcare, including clinicians, consumers, employers and purchasers, healthcare IT suppliers, health plans, hospitals and other providers, laboratories, the life sciences industry, pharmacies, public health agencies, and state and regional leaders.

Awards were presented to the following recipients in four key areas:

Engaging Consumers

The American Heart Association (AHA) received the eHI Blueprint Award for Engaging Consumers. As an advocate for the patient, the AHA has a very clear goal: reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke death and disability by 25 percent by 2010.

Recognizing this and the recent surge of consumer focused HIT, the AHA launched a strategic plan on HIT and in particular, consumer directed HIT, that focuses on empowering individuals to understand and modify their cardiovascular risk factors.

Aligning Financial and Other Incentives

HealthBridge and Their Community Collaborators received the eHI Blueprint Award for Aligning Financial and Other Incentives. Recognizing that most regional health information organizations and health information exchange (HIE) initiatives face enormous challenges to achieving financial sustainability, HealthBridge offered its hard earned experience, expertise, and resources to help less advanced community HIEs succeed more quickly with getting their business operations and technical infrastructure in place.

Transforming Care Delivery at the Point of Care

The University of New Mexico Hospitals, Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) received the Blueprint Award for Transforming Care Delivery at the Point of Care. Under the leadership of the University of New Mexico Hospitals, Project ECHO is a breakthrough initiative that brings state of the art medicine to medically underserved and rural areas.

Improving Population Health

The Medical College of Wisconsin and St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency received the eHI Blueprint Award for Improving Population Health. The Medical College of Wisconsin and St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency identified specific population health problems and then used health information to address the issue using their electronic medical record.

Address: eHealth Initiative, 818 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 500, Washington DC 20006; (202) 624-3270,

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