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Updated: January 26, 2010
New Telehealth Program Brought To United Healthcare Rural Colorado Site

A new telehealth program is being brought to rural Colorado by UnitedHealthcare. The "Connected Care" program will be built in several Centaur Health Clinics as well as in federallyqualified health centers, the health plan said.

The health plan said it was launching the Connected Care program in Colorado to give patients in certain rural locations expanded access to physicians and specialists using advanced telehealth technology.

UnitedHealth said the new program will combine audio and video technology with health resources to "greatly expand physicians’ reach into rural, urban and other underserved areas."

The state is believed to be among the first states in the country to "benefit from a nationwide rollout of innovative technology that will expand physicians reach," said the health plan.

"The program will provide people in certain rural areas access to world-class primary care physicians and specialists, making it easier for patients to see the doctors they need."

The health plan said it is working in conjunction with the State of Colorado and Centaur Health with assistance from the Colorado Rural Health Center to implement the innovative program that "leverages advanced technology to give residents access to physicians and medical specialists when in person visits are not possible."

Centaur Health facilities along with federally qualified community health centers in the state will house the sites for Connected Care, officials said. The sites will feature sophisticated audio, video and healthcare technologies to connect patients with medical specialists located hundreds of miles away providing for coordinating care with primary care physicians located in rural communities. The health plan said its Connected Care program is using Cisco’s high definition videoconferencing and other collaborative network technologies to create an experience similar to having the doctor in the same room with the patient."

The program is expected to be installed during the first quarter of this year and is expected to make nearly 4,800 specialists visits per year in those communities. The program will first target specialties in rural areas that are either not currently available at the local level or only available on a part-time basis. Specialties include cardiology, dermatology, pulmonology, diabetes management and ENT, among others.

For information on the program and its collaboration in Colorado visit:

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The Executive Report on Managed Care

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