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Growing E-Prescription Trend Subject of New Audio Conference

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MCIC Press Release

August 25, 2004

Hot Off The Press

Electronic Prescribing "Early Adopter" Conference Proceedings Now Available in New Report

MANASQUAN, NJ, August 24, 2004 Responding to the new Medicare Prescription Drug law provision that requires standards for electronic prescribing be implemented, "ePrescribing: How *Regulatory, Social, Economic and Technological Factors Are Now Driving the Adoption of eRx," has been published by the Managed Care Information Center (MCIC).

The report is the proceedings of the transcript of the recent audio conference on electronic prescriptions and provides it in a format that includes complete text of speaker presentations and conference "handout" material.

The new Medicare Prescription Drug Act lays out timelines and deadlines for electronic prescribing.

ePrescribing is at the top of the list of e-health applications that will see the greatest growth in the months and years ahead, according to executives participating in a new exclusive survey

What is now pushing adoption of e-prescribing even more quickly is the mandate in the new Medicare Prescription Drug law that requires that the Secretary of Health and Human Services to "promulgate final standards for electronic prescribing no later than April 1, 2008. The final standards will follow a set of initial standards (to be issued no later than September 1, 2005) and a 1-year pilot project for the initial standards that begins January 1, 2006."

Featured presenters for the audio conference, held July 15, were The panel of expert presenters includes: Gary Austin, director of IT Strategy and Health Management Systems, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Louis Hyman, executive vice president and CTO, Ramp Corporation (formerly Medrix), and, Dr. Andrew Baumel of Framingham Pediatrics.

The "early adopter" discussion of the current trends in ePrescribing captures the thinking of two leading experts on the subject, as well as the work-a-day experiences of a practicing physician who is using this technology in his practice.

The senior-level program includes:

  • Current trends in ePrescribing
  • Key features of an ePrescribing system
  • Factors driving the growth of eRx
  • Identifying the obstacles to overcome for eRx
  • Stakeholder" issues
  • Technological Developments
  • Economic Drivers
  • Industry experience with ePrescribing
  • ePrescribing Business Applications
  • Benefits of ePrescribing
  • Available Technology
  • Impact on the healthcare industry

The report covers the factors driving the adoption of ePrescribing, including the growth of PDA usage, the demand, patient safety and avoidance of medication errors, and the impact of eRx on the managed care and pharmaceutical industries.

The 46-page report of the proceedings also includes an enlightening series of questions and answers on such topics as initial capital cost, electronic medical records, data control, data collection and dissemination, realized savings, pharmaceutical company incentives and real-time interface.

"ePrescribing: How *Regulatory, Social, Economic and Technological Factors Are Now Driving the Adoption of eRx," could not be more timely.

In Washington there is bi-partisan support among lawmakers for adoption of e-health progress. President Bush has called for electronic connectivity. The President wants a paperless health care system in ten years or less.

President Bush also recently appointed Dr. David Brailer as the new National Health Information Technology Coordinator for the Department of Health and Human Services.

ePrescribing and the coming Medicare electronic prescription requirements impacts managed care organizations, hospitals, and physician organizations, hospice, home health agencies and other healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical benefit management companies.

More details on "ePrescribing: How *Regulatory, Social, Economic and Technological Factors Are Now Driving the Adoption of eRx," are available online at:

The report costs $99 plus $6.95 shipping. For questions or to order by phone, call toll-free 1-800-516-4343.

For Information Contact: Robert K. Jenkins
Managed Care Information Center
1913 Atlantic Avenue F4
Manasquan, NJ 08736
Fax 732-292-1111

Sales, marketing or business development executives may also call for more information, 1-800-516-4343.

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