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Growing E-Prescription Trend Subject of New Audio Conference

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MCIC Press Release

June 30, 2004
For more info, contact Peggy Bokelman:
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Hot Off The Press

Growing E-Prescription Trend Subject of New Audio Conference

MANASQUAN, NJ E-Prescribing tops the list of e-health applications that will see the greatest growth in 2004, according to executives participating in a survey conducted by the Managed Care Information Center.

Some 39.1 percent of participants predict e-prescribing will be the most widely embraced e-health applications this year.

To explore this trend, a new audio conference, "eRx: How Healthcare is Adopting the Technology to Reduce Prescribing Errors, Enhance Safety, and Save $$$," is scheduled for Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. The program is sponsored by Health Resources Publishing.

During this 90-minute executive-level telebriefing, participants will learn the factors driving the adoption of e-prescribing, including the growth of PDA usage, the demand, patient safety and avoidance of medication errors, and the impact of eRx on the managed care and pharmaceutical industries.

For more information, please visit:


  • Gary Austin, director of IT strategy and health management systems for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Louis Hyman, executive vice president, Operations and Chief Technology Officer, HealthRamp Corporation (formerly Medrix)


  • Current trends in e-prescribing
  • Factors driving the growth of eRx
  • Identifying obstacles to overcome for eRx
  • Industry experience with e-prescribing
  • E-prescribing business applications
  • Benefits of e-prescribing
  • Available technology

A live question and answer session will follow the panel presentations.

The demand for e-prescribing and the business case are both there, according to a hospital manager of Web communications.

"Infrastructure investments have already been made and the process of restructuring has started," setting the stage for rapid adoption of e-prescribing, a hospital director of new technology said.

"Patients, physicians and pharmacists all benefit because the system eliminates prescription errors related to illegible handwriting," said Darryl Cohen, president and CEO of Medix Resources. "The automatic drug-to-drug interaction check also increases patient safety by reducing potential negative interactions."


The conference lasts approximately 90 minutes. This includes about 30 minutes for the question-and-answer period.

No special equipment is needed; a toll-free number will be provided.

Your registration fee covers ONE telephone hookup from your site. Include as many individuals from your organization as you wish - there is no additional charge. You might even want to invite some colleagues from your local area to join you and share the cost. Gather in a conference room and use a speakerphone.

After you register, you will receive instructions via email on how to dial into the conference. So be sure to include your email address!


Health plans and providers, pharmaceutical and disease management companies, PBMs, CEOs, CFOs, hospital pharmaceutical managers, pharmacists, human resource benefit managers, medical directors, employer health plan decision makers, network development and provider services directors, strategic planners, utilization management, MCO plans, healthcare management, TPAs, network managers, physician practice management company executives, medical management directors, PHO and IPA leadership, analysts, directors of e-commerce products, e-business consultants, directors of information technology, directors of Web services, implementer consultants, account services and administration executives, knowledge managers, Laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and ancillary products managers.


You are invited to submit your questions in advance. Please email your questions to no later than noon on July 14, 2004. We will attempt to answer your questions during the audio conference. However, time constraints limit the number of questions that can be answered during the live Q&A.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: JULY 14 to allow time for last minute paperwork, emailing of registration confirmations, and distribution of conference handout materials.

Sales, marketing or business development executives may also call for more information, 1-800-516-4343.

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