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New Report Looking at Factors Fueling Consumer-Driven Healthcare Plans

MANASQUAN, NJ - A new special report, "New Cost Savings Promise: Emerging Trends Fueling the Growth of Consumer-Driven Healthcare Plans," has been published by The Managed Care Information Center for human resources personnel, payors, and providers.

This exclusive report explores the issues behind the shift to consumer-driven plans. As out-of-pocket healthcare costs rise, executives are searching for answers on how to lower costs for their employees.

The report looks at the basics of most plans and the pros and cons. In response to the consumer influence on healthcare, the "New Cost Savings Promise" report focuses on consumer driven health plan vehicles that promise employer savings and employee empowerment at the same time.

The 68-page report is intended for health and managed care executives who are responsible for the on-going development and handling of an organization's healthcare plan.

    Organizations will discover:

  • How the healthcare environment nurtures the growth of consumer-driven healthcare
  • The emerging impact of consumer influences on healthcare
  • Employer perspectives on embracing consumer-driven options
  • Understanding the growing interest in consumer-driven healthcare
  • The new "fledgling" consumer-driven plans

Each chapter will cover these topics, providing an insight into the consumers and employees perspective.

"New Cost Savings Promise: Emerging Trends Fueling the Growth of Consumer-Driven Healthcare Plans" special report can be ordered toll-free at (800) 516-4343, or online at:

For additional information, contact The Managed Care Information Center, P.O. Box 456, Allenwood, NJ 08720; call toll-free (800) 516-4343, fax toll-free (888) 329-6242, or visit


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