The Executive Report on Physician Organizations
2002 Index

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Acquisitions Advisory

Helpmate Robotics, d/b/a PainCare and Pain and Rehabilitation Network, d/b/a The Pain Center, October 2002


Capitation Contracts On The Decrease, Survey Reveals, July 2002

Contracts Awarded

Organized Alphabetically by Company

Innovex and MedCases, November 2002
Proctor & Gamble and IPhysicianNet, November 2002
Taconic IPA and Axolotl Corp., September 2002


HIPAA 2002: What Your Organization Needs to Be Doing Now, March 2002
Privacy Rule Finalized by HHS With Most Modifications Intact, Experts Say, September 2002

Innovative Programs and Initiatives

Premera To Test a Tiered Network, April 2002

Integration Issues

Legislation/Regulation Affecting Physicians

Senator Seeks To End Access Fees, January 2002
Patients' Rights Law Revived As High Court Ponders Case, February 2002
Georgia Court Orders BCBSG To Publish Fee Schedules, May 2002
Neonatal Physician Group Refunds $1.3 Million To State, May 2002
Mixed Views On Supreme Court HMO Decision, June 2002
CIGNA "Snookered" Court Into Proposed Lawsuit Settlement, Federal Judge Says, December 2002

Managed Care Organizations

The St. Paul To Quit Malpractice Business, January 2002
Highmark Sees Rise in Generic Drug Use, April 2002
Michigan Blue Tries Generic Coupon Program, April 2002
Managed Care To Help HHS Explore Regulatory Reform, April 2002
Highmark To Increase Payments To Primary Care And Specialty Physicians, November 2002
Oxford Continues To Expand Connecticut Physician Network With Colonial IPA, November 2002

Management Tips

Groups Thrive on Leader's Vision, Discipline, February 2002

Marketing Strategies

Market Partnerships

Organized Alphabetically by Company

Advocate Medical Group and Analyzer, August 2002
Aetna and ActiveHealth Management, November 2002
Computer Horizons Corp. and ZA Consulting, October 2002
GenoMed Inc. and Health Services Initiative, September 2002
Health Net and EBM Solutions, October 2002
HealthWest PHO and Physician's Edge Inc., August 2002
MedAptus and MEDeMORPHUS, November 2002
Physcape and PricewaterhouseCoopers, November 2002

Medicare/Medicaid Issues

Legislation Could Change Medicare Payments, January 2002
New Enrollment Form to Ease Regulatory Burden, CMS Says, February 2002
Medicare Reform To Play Big Role in the Coming Year, March 2002
Bush Budget Proposes More Money for M+C Plans, April 2002
Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Changed Step in Right Direction, MGMA Says, September 2002


New Program Aims To Reward Medical Groups, Raise Rolls, February 2002
AMGA Expands Database, May 2002
Showtime Movie "Damaged Care" Takes Harsh Look At Managed Care Industry, June 2002
California Pay For Performance Initiative Needs More Work, CMS Says, July 2002
Problems Facing Healthcare System Can Be Solved, New AMA President Says, July 2002
Seven California Physician Organizations Receive NCQA Certification, September 2002
Texas Health Plans Have To Disclose Fee Schedules To Physicians, October 2002
Physician Organizations In California Faring Better, According To Study, November 2002
Medical Group Executives Make More In Hospital/IDS Settings, Survey Finds, November 2002

New Products

Organized Alphabetically by Company

American Academy of Family Physicians and PdxMD, August 2002
Floyd Medical Center and Omnicell (R), August 2002
Health Net and EBM Solutions, November 2002
Humana and, November 2002 Inc., August 2002
Medem, November 2002
Medical Directions Inc. and Medulogic, August 2002
National Anemia Action Council, September 2002
Premier Inc. and TrialLink, August 2002

Patient Satisfaction/Safety

The Industry's Focus on Patient Safety Remains Unchanged, Survey Says, March 2002
Talk and Trust Help To Keep Patients, Study Finds, February 2002
Woman In Supreme Court HMO Case Vows To Educate Patients About Their Rights, June 2002
"Patient Friendly" Billing Foucs Of MGMA And HFMA Project, July 2002
Nursing Shortage Poses Serious Problems For Patient Care, August 2002
Managed Care Backlash Beginning To Ebb, But Consumers Still Wary, September 2002
Medical Liability Crisis In New Jersey May Affect Care, Survey Finds, December 2002

Physician Organization Market News

Organized Alphabetically by Company

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, May 2002
AdvancePCS, January 2002
Amersham Health, February 2002
iBX Group Inc., February 2002
Ingenix, May 2002
LUMOS L.L.C. and AdvanceMed Corporation, January 2002
Medem Inc., January 2002
Partners HealthCare System and InterSystems Corporation, February 2002
Physicians Practice Inc., May 2002

Physician Salary

Physician Administrators Earn More Than Lay Execs, January 2002
Doctors Pay Up Slightly, But Workload Increases, MGMA Finds, August 2002

Physician Update

The Center for State Health Policy, August 2002


Sites Boost Efficiency, Communication, Study Says, January 2002
Technology Made an Inroad Among Practices Last Year, January 2002
Rhode Island Blue Tests e-Prescription Program, February 2002
AMCP Supports Move From Rx Pad to Mouse Pad, February 2002
The Information Age and Its Effect on Healthcare Consumers, March 2002
How Clinicians Can Use Technology To Keep An Eye on Medication Delivery, March 2002
AMCP Says Standard-Based Electronic Prescriptions Are a Must for the Industry, April 2002
CMR: Working Through The Stages of Implementation, April 2002
Council For Affordable Quality Healthcare Introduces Two Programs To Streamline Physician Paperwork, July 2002
Hudson IPA Pushing Internet Use Among Doctors To Improve Communication, October 2002
Physicians Are "Achieving Tangible IT Benefits In Small Practices," Report Says, October 2002

Trends in Physician Organizations

Groups Are Expected To Face The Remains of 2001, January 2002
First-Ever Depression Guidelines for Seniors Developed, April 2002
Government Should Address Health Insurance, Survey Says, April 2002
"Enough is Enough": Physician Organization Lawsuits Against HMOs On The Rise, May 2002
Consumers Haggle To Cut Healthcare Costs, May 2002
Specialty Group Practice Costs Rise, May 2002
Independent Multispecialty Practices Fare Better Than IDS Counterparts, May 2002
AMA Mounts Battle To Fight Liability Crisis By Building $15 Million War Chest, June 2002
Fear Of Lawsuits Hampers Physicians' Ability To Practice, Study Finds, June 2002
Outcomes Management Model Not "Cookbook Medicine" Consultant Says, July 2002
Physician Unions Not Likely To Triumph Over Managed Care, Survey Reveals, August 2002
Number Of Independent Practice Associations Slowly Declining, September 2002
Independent Practice Associations Need To Reposition For The Future, September 2002
Pay For Performance Programs For Physician Groups On The Increase, October 2002
Group Practices Operating Costs Up, Survey Finds, November 2002
Pay-For-Performance Programs Grew In 2002, December 2002

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