Wellness Program Management Advisor
2002 Index

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Empowering Consumers: Self-Care & Managing Demand

Case Studies Show Self-Care Reduces Healthcare Costs, March 2002
Self-Care Is The Cornerstone Of Workplace Wellness Programs, December 2002

Industry News

Prevention Magazine and iVillage Inc., March 2002
Heritage New York Medical Group and Soundview HealthCare Network, March 2002
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, March 2002
The California Wellness Foundation, March 2002
CWH Develops Nutritional Aid, July 2002
Cardiac-Diabetes Care Enhancement Programs Approved, October 2002
CIGNA Corporate Wellness Program Introduces Smoking Cessation Program, October 2002
ACSM Special Interest Group Attracts Former AWHP Members, November 2002

Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Programs

Estimating Preventable Claims Is the First Step in Medical Cost Control, March 2002
Wellness Experts Endorse OSHA Commitment To Reducing Workplace Injuries, July 2002
Disease Management Control Group Shows Improved Outcomes, September 2002

Management Tips

Worksite Wellness Program Providers Have Variety of Responsibilities, ROI Study Finds, June 2002
Wellness Programs and Departments Vary in Size and Participation Levels, June 2002
"Instruments of Measurement" Help Wellness Providers Determine Health/Productivity, June 2002
Wellness Resource Information Is Valuable To Some, But Merely Adequate For Others, July 2002
Wellness Resources: The List Is Long, July 2002
Wellness Services Impact Workplace Healthcare Costs, Study Reveals, August 2002
Most Effective Workplace Wellness Services, August 2002
Worksite Wellness Program Results Prove Reduced Healthcare Costs, August 2002
J&J Health & Wellness Program: Intervention Services
Wellness Professionals Go By Variety Of Titles, August 2002
Departmental Job Turnover Impacts Wellness Program Effectiveness, ROI Survey Finds, September 2002
Wellness Experts Manage A Wide Variety Of Programs, Study Reports, September 2002
Lack Of Technical Support Hampers Wellness Programs, Survey Reveals, September 2002
Health/Productivity Programs Growing In Popularity As Healthcare Costs Rise, September 2002
Health Screenings Among Most Popular Workplace Wellness Programs, Survey Finds, October 2002
Most Survey Respondents Involved In Corporate Wellness Programs, October 2002
ROI Benchmark Studies: Changes And Similarities, October 2002
Improvements Resulting From Wellness Programs: Then And Now, October 2002
Wellness Programs With The Greatest Impact On Healthcare Costs, October 2002
Types Of Services And Projects Offered, October 2002
Wellness Program Obstacles, October 2002
Health Education, Fitness And Nutrition Programs Are Part Of New Wellness Program Management Projects in 2002, Survey Finds, November 2002
Hospital Conducts In-House Employee Safety And Health Promotion Campaign, November 2002
Wisconsin Report Looks At How Workplace Wellness Programs Can Help Smokers, November 2002
Successful Workplace Wellness Programs Are A Mix Of Cost-Effectiveness And Innovation, December 2002
Integrated Partnership Boosts Coca-Cola Health Management Group, December 2002
How Wellness Managers Are Motivating Employees To Participate In Programs, December 2002

Nutrition/Weight Control

Study Finds DASH Diet Lowers Blood Pressure, January 2002

Program Planning

Allergies Reduce Workplace Productivity, January 2002

Smoking Cessation

Kick the Habit Sooner, Rather Than Later, March 2002

Spotlight on Wellness

New Jersey Wellness Experts Focus on Ramifications of September Tragedy, April 2002
Wellness Services Run the Gamut, Study Finds, May 2002

Stress Management

Wellness Experts Predict Sept. 11 Stress Will Produce Seasonal Illnesses, February 2002
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Helps Coping Skills, Wellness Manager Says, May 2002
NIDA Asks Wellness Providers to Help Combat Drug Abuse In The Wake of Terrorist Attacks, June 2002

Trends in Wellness and Health Promotion

Despite Everything, Wellness Professionals Express Hope for 2002, January 2002
Wellness Programs: Existing Concerns Meet New Challenges, January 2002
Partnership Will Fight Terrorism's Impact, January 2002
Anthrax Incidents Have Greater Impact on Citizen Behavior in Cities Reporting Bioterrorism Threats, February 2002
Perpetrators of School Violence Often Exhibit Warning Signs, February 2002
Foreign Women More Likely to Die From Heart Disease Than American Women, February 2002
Studies Report Significant Impact of Health Promotion Programs, March 2002
Federal Privacy Regulations May Impact Wellness Services, But Questions Remain, April 2002
DOD Health Management Resource Being Readied for Worksite Wellnes Programs, April 2002
Worksite Wellness Programs Prove Their Effectiveness, ROI Study Concludes, May 2002
Nation's Health Fell Short of Federal Goals, Study Finds, September 2002

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