Healthcare Marketer's Executive Briefing
2002 Index

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Appointments & Promotions

(in alphabetical order by company)

Abelson-Taylor, February 2002
Abelson-Taylor, April 2002
Abelson-Taylor, September 2002
Advantage Marketing Systems Inc., February 2002
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, November 2002
Collaborative HealthCare Inc., April 2002
Consumer Health Science, February 2002
GenVec Inc., November 2002
Health Net Inc., February 2002
IPR International, September 2002
Prevention Magazine, February 2002
The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, February 2002

Ask The Experts: Q&A

Bill MacBain, principal consultant, MacBain & MacBain, March 2002

Healthcare Marketing Briefings

(in alphabetical order by company)

American Security Group and Pivotal Corp., January 2002
Blue Martini Software Inc., April 2002
Blue Spoon Consulting Group LLC, September 2002
CPRi Communications, September 2002
Dorland Healthcare Information, April 2002
Drug Free Pennsylvania, August 2002
Express Scripts Inc., February 2002
Fulcrum Analytics, April 2002
GlaxoSmithKline, October 2002
Grey Healthcare Group, November 2002
Healthcare Financial Association and Ingenix Publishing Group, January 2002
Healthcare Financial Association and Ingenix Publishing Group, September 2002
The Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV, October 2002
MedStar Inc. and CPM Marketing Group, April 2002
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, September 2002
Nutrition Information Center at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, November 2002
Pfizer, August 2002
Quovadx Inc., August 2002
Tau Communication Partners, September 2002

Healthcare Marketing Profile

Holiday Marketing Campaign Launched To Inspire Government Action, February 2002
Five Years In Two: How Some NJ-Based Marketers Are Setting Goals For The Future, August 2002
Marketing Under An Umbrella: How To Develop An Image Beyond A Single Entity, September 2002
Marketers Turn Away From The "Traditional," And Find A Way To Make A Difference, November 2002
How A Hospital Marketing Program Hit Its ROI Target, December 2002

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

How To Market Successfully to International Markets, January 2002
Focus on Early CRM Results, Says Best Practices, January 2002
Adult Day Group Uses Video To Spread Its Word, February 2002
A Spoon Full of Sugar: How To Turn Marketing Challenges Into Opportunities, March 2002
Marketing Solution Generates High ROI For Health System, March 2002
Children's Health Marketing Campaign Launched by Health Committee, March 2002
Marketing Collaboration Uses Super-Villain In New Public Service Announcement, March 2002
Thinking Outside the "Traditional" Marketing Box, March 2002
Marketing New Services: How Self Directed Health Plans are Gaining a Foothold, April 2002
Hospice Services Offered Rarely by ADCs, But Marketing Benefits See, April 2002
Marketing An HCO's Environment Can Create Repeat Customers, May 2002
Developing a Healthcare Wayfinding System, May 2002
Marketing Best Practices In Disease Management, May 2002
How To Choose The Most Effective, Targeted Marketing Tactics, July 2002
Keeping Your Physicians Happy Can Bring Goodwill Later, Says Industry Insider, August 2002
Craft Healthcare Marketing Messages Directly To Women, Expert Says, October 2002
Living The Brand: How Healthcare Marketers Can Create Branding Strategies That Work, November 2002

Healthcare Marketing Trends

Healthcare Marketing: A Look Back, And the Year Ahead, January 2002
Establishing Placement in the Marketplace, January 2002
BCBSM Foundation's Marketing Efforts Commended With Communication Awards, June 2002
The New Wave Of Marketing, How To Market Via Multiple Channels, July 2002
Savvy Seniors: The New Dominant Force In Hospital Selection, August 2002
Assessing The Role Of Marketing Within The Changing Healthcare Industry, December 2002
Results Show Quality Ratings Have Almost No Influence Over Consumers' Choice, December 2002


HIPAA Is "Far From Restrictive," Says CPM, January 2002
HHS' Proposed Changes Would Affect Healthcare Marketing, Big Time, June 2002
How HIPAA Could Affect Disease Management Address Lists, CRM, June 2002
Bush/HHS Proposal Will Curtail Healthcare Fund Raising Efforts, Testifies AHP, June 2002
Education Is Key For HIPAA Compliance, July 2002
Privacy Rule Finalized By HHS Will Impact Marketing Practices, Experts Say, October 2002
HIPAA Compliant Marketing: Examples Of What Is Allowed Under The Final Privacy Rule, October 2002

Innovative Programs/Campaigns

First-Ever Poison Hotline Used By 44,000, Thanks To Marketing Campaign, April 2002
As Benedictine Turns 100, It Srives To Strengthen Community Ties, Brand Image, May 2002
Welcome Calls: A Key To Customer Retention For Healthcare Organizations, May 2002
St. Jude Plans To Reach Audience Through Innovative Multicultural Campaign, June 2002
$30 Million Branding Campaign Launched To Reach A New Generation, September 2002
APA Launches Nationwide Marketing Campaign To Help Build Resilience After Sept. 11, October 2002

Management Measures

Working With The Media Can Ensure Publicity, July 2002
Enhance Your Professional Value Through Networking, Education, Expert Says, August 2002
Factors Leading To, And Away From, Customer Relationship Management, August 2002

Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Communication Is The Key To Success, Say Industry Insiders, February 2002

Technology in Healthcare Marketing

Create Patient Satisfaction And Brand Loyalty With The Web, and Six Mouse Clicks, April 2002
Understanding Your Web Site's Potential Is Key, Expert Says, July 2002

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