Employee Assistance Program Management Letter
2002 Index

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EAP Management Techniques

Workplace Security Is a Management Issue, Says Purdue Professor, January 2002
EASNA Conference Stresses Performance, Services and Business Strategy, June 2002
HPM "Themes" Emerged During Survey, June 2002

EAP Market Report

PacifiCare Releases New EAP Product for Behavioral Health Solutions, March 2002
Magellan Provides EAP Services to United Rentals, March 2002
Drury Inns Chooses Ceridian EAP Services, March 2002
Loma Linda EAP Receives Re-accreditation, May 2002

Focus on EAPs

EAPs Offer Coping Skills To Help Employees Overcome Fear of Flying, February 2002
Employee Cross-Training Sparks EAP Interest, February 2002
Money Worries, Job Insecurity and Heavy Workloads Seen Causing Major Job Stress, February 2002
Workers Relying On EAPs Due To Increasing Job Stress, Study Shows, September 2002
Workplace Support Options Including Employee Assistance Programs, September 2002
Increase Or Maintenance Of Workplace Support Options, September 2002
Should Your Company Offer EAPs, September 2002
Types of Support Options That Help Employees Cope, September 2002
Employee Studies Find EAPs Matter To High-Performance Workers, November 2002


Federal Privacy Regulations Will Impact EAPs, But Questions Remain, April 2002
EAPs Creating HIPAA Task Forces, April 2002
Understanding HIPAA Basics 2002, August 2002
HIPAA Will Affect Some EAP Services, Experts Say, October 2002
HIPAA Compliance Requires Teams And Teamwork, November 2002

Treatment Issues

EAP Focus on Substance Abuse Results in Substantial Cost Savings, March 2002
Benchmarks in the Assessment and Treatment Women's Substance Abuse, April 2002
EAP Expert: Programs' Shift Away From Substance Abuse Treatment Is Cause For Concern, July 2002
EAPs And Substance Abuse: Making A Difference, November 2002

Legislation and Regulations Affecting EAPs

Government Renews Call For EAP Assistance In Treating Substance Abuse And Addiction, October 2002
Corporations Confront Partner Violence With EAPs And Best Practices, November 2002

Trends Affecting EAPs

Emergency Preparedness Is an EAP Concept for 2002, January 2002
In the Wake of Terrorist Attacks, Empolyers and EAPs Still Support Stressed Employees, February 2002
Performance Measures Impact EA Programs and Health and Productivity Costs, June 2002
EASNA And COA Join Forces To Promote Accreditation, July 2002
Employee Assistance Professionals Face A Challenging Year, December 2002

Work/Life Programs

Study Assesses Direction, Inegration of EA and Work/Life Programs, April 2002
Conference Examines Cost and Impact of Domestic Violence in the Workplace, May 2002
Employers May Face Liability When Domestic Violence Comes to Work, May 2002
Benefits Hold Steady Despite Economic Downturn, Study Finds, August 2002
Popular Work/Life Benefits, August 2002
Work/Life And EAP Benefits Thrive Despite Soft Economy, Another Study Finds, August 2002
Philip Morris Program Takes Stand Against Domestic Violence, October 2002
Corporations Confront Partner Violence With EAPs And Best Practices, November 2002
Hartford Enhances EA Program With Work/Life Services, December 2002

Technology and EAPs

Online Self-Evaluations Are Becoming Valuable EAP Tool, March 2002
EAPs Coping With Surveillance Backlash, June 2002

EAP Professionals

Voluntary Turnover Rates for Female Managers Are Slightly Less Than for Male Managers, January 2002
Burnout Factor Low For Many EA Professionals, Survey Finds, March 2002
EA Professionals Report Increase In Salary And Job Responsibility, Survey Finds, July 2002
EAP Department Size Varies, Study Reports, July 2002
Some EA Professionals Say Job Responsibilities Have Changed, Survey Reports, July 2002
A Long Work Week For EAP Professionals, July 2002
Organization Type And Location Figure Into EAP Salaries, Survey Reveals, August 2002
EAP Survey Results: Salaries And Organizational Types, August 2002
EA Professionals Are A Learned Group, Survey Reports, August 2002
Employee Assistance Is Life-Long Career, Survey Finds, September 2002
More Years Of Service Equal Higher Salaries, September 2002
EA Professionals Don't Change Job Often, Study Reveals, September 2002
Most EA Professionals Stay At A Single Job Site, Survey Finds, September 2002
Length Of Time In The Employee Assistance Field, September 2002
Outcomes, Achievements, Paper Trails, Documentation Help EAP Professionals Increase Pay, October 2002
Changes In EA Certification Presented At EAPA Conference, December 2002
Certification And EAP Core Technology, December 2002
EAP Certification Particulars, December 2002

Employee Concerns

Impact of Terrorist Attacks Causes Economic Concerns for American Women, January 2002

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