Elderly Health Services Letter
2002 Index

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Alzheimer's Disease Programs

Certain Services For Alzheimer's Now Covered By Medicare, June 2002

Fund Raising and Grant Support for Elderly Health Services

PACE Grants Awarded to Ten States, April 2002
Five States Selected For Consumer Direction Initiative, June 2002
$3.7 Million Awarded To Help Seniors Remain Independent Where They Live, September 2002
Adult Mental Health Programs Awarded $3.6 Million, November 2002

Healthcare Issues Facing the Elderly

Context Processing Key to Declining Thought Processes in Senior Citizens, February 2002
Medicare Now Covers Eye Exams for Glaucoma, February 2002
NCQA Assumes Responsibility for Diabetes Provider Recognition Program, March 2002
First-Ever Depression Guidelines for Seniors Developed, March 2002
Depression Can Lower Seniors' Ability To Fight Off Disease, May 2002
Coping With Age-Related Macular Degeneration, September 2002

Innovative Elderly Health Services Programs

Adult Day Clients May Benefit From Access to Hospice Services, January 2002
PACE Programs Gain Attention as First Permanent Medicare/Medicaid Providers, March 2002
Learning With Friends, How One Senior Services Program Stays Successful, June 2002
HHS Encourages Colorectal Cancer Screening for Older Adults, June 2002
America's Number Three Killer: Nationwide Stroke Prevention Efforts Are Underway, July 2002
New Quality Data Project To Aid Seniors, Nursing Homes, July 2002
Fun And Healthcare: The Right Mix For A Successful Senior Services Program, August 2002
Florida's Elder Ready Communities Initiative May Serve As A National Model, August 2002
Providing Information To Seniors One-On-One Makes PrimeWise A Success, August 2002
Demand Is High For Eldermed Programs At Kennedy Health System, August 2002
Physician-Led Group Provides House Calls To Home Bound Elderly, October 2002
Fall Prevention Programs Address One Of The Elderly's Most Serious Health Issues, November 2002

Legislation and Regulations Affecting Elderly Health Services

Legislation Could Change Medicare Payments, January 2002
AAHomecare Hopes Congress Follows Recommendations of MedPAC, February 2002
More Attention Should Be Paid to Role Women Play in Aging Policies, March 2002
New Regulation Proposed Concerning Medicare Drug Discount Program, April 2002
Some Question Effectiveness of Proposed Medicare Drug Discount Card, April 2002
Most People Enrolled in Medicare Don't Know About Lock-In Law, April 2002
Anti-Elder Abuse Proposal Calls For More Federal Involvement In Senior Crimes, July 2002
Bush Delays Medicare Lock-In Until 2005, September 2002
Patient Safety Act Receives Support, October 2002
Elder Fall Prevention Act Of 2002, November 2002
Congress Adjourns Leaving Deficient Medicare Legislation, December 2002

Managed Care Trends

MCOs Can Help Older Members Manage Chronic Conditions, May 2002
Most Medicare Managed Care Beneficiaries Don't Know About Lock-In Law, May 2002

Medicare and Medicaid

Ethnic Diversity May Hamper Proper Use of Medicare Materials, February 2002
NCQA Earns Federal M+C Deeming Authority, March 2002
More Limitations Put on Medicaid Loophole, March 2002
New Medicare Project for Chronically Ill to Include Prescription Drugs, April 2002
Medicare Expands Medical Nutrition Coverage, April 2002
Proposed 17 Percent Medicare "Cliff" Cut Would Slash Patient Care, May 2002
M+C Beneficiaries to Face Increased Out-of-Pocket Costs, May 2002
Aging Organizations Oppose CMS Reversal Decision for Medicare Coverage, May 2002
Fifteen Percent Medicare Home Health Cut Should Be Eliminated, May 2002
There Is A Need For More PACE Programs Nationwide, Healthcare Officials Agree, June 2002
As Medicare's Financial Projections Remain The Same, Trustees Propose Changes, June 2002
New Medicare Rule Proposes Increase In Inpatient Hospital Payment Rates, July 2002
Injected Drugs Receive Moderate Medicare Expansion Coverage, July 2002
Medicare Home Health Payments Expected To Rise 12 Percent, August 2002
Minorities Enrolled In Medicare Get Poorer Quality Of Care Than Whites, Study Says, August 2002
Homebound Medicare Beneficiaries To Get More Flexibility, September 2002
New Developments In Medicare+Choice, October 2002
Program For All-Inclusive Care Of The Elderly (PACE) Program Update, December 2002
Final 2003 Medicare Payment Rates For Outpatient Services, December 2002

Trends in Healthcare Services for the Elderly

Inappropriate Use of Medication Among the Elderly Is a Serious Problem, January 2002
NCOA Study Reveals Older Adults Not Sure How To Prepare For Healthy Old Age, June 2002
High Volume Hospital Procedures Can Save Lives Of Elderly, July 2002
Seniors Not Taking Needed Medications Due To High Costs, Survey Finds, September 2002
Expanding Options For Frail Elderly To Live Independent Lives, October 2002

Industry News

HHS Delays OPPS Rates, January 2002
Blue To Pay Physicians at 2001Medicare Rate, January 2002
CMS Plans to Cover PET, March 2002
Radical Reformation Of Mississippi Long Term Care Facility, October 2002
F.R.A.I.L Report Poses National Discussion Of Issues Concerning The Infirm, Elderly, November 2002
New Members Appointed To Veterans Affairs Geriatrics Advisory Committee, November 2002
Accreditation Manual For Assisted Living Published by Joint Commission, November 2002
Pennsylvania's Governor Recognizes Senior Center, December 2002

Technology Advancements in Elderly Care

Choosing Nursing Home In California Made Easier Wtih New Web Site, November 2002

Looking Ahead

Medicare Reform To Play Big Role in the Coming Year, January 2002
New BenefitsCheckUp Edition Allows Seniors Easier Access, September 2002
America Needs To Improve End-Of-Life Care, December 2002

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