Travel Manager's Executive Briefing
2002 Index

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Airline/Airport/Airfare Issues

Northwest Offers Security Checkpoint Lanes, January 2002, First Issue
DFW Airport Travelers Feel Safe, Survey Finds, January 2002, Second Issue
Sabre Signs KLM Deal for Billing and Marketing While Virtually There Adds New Tool, January 2002, Second Issue
NBTA Calls for Focus on Airfare Structure, March 2002, Second Issue
Why the Business Fare Structure of the Airline Is Broken - and Some Suggested Remedies, March 2002, Second Issue
Airfare Bargains Help Corporate American Cut Average Fares, Data Shows, April 2002, First Issue
End of Airline Commissions Spurs Use of Corporate Online Cost-Saving Tools, April 2002, First Issue
Gas Prices Give Corporate Travel Managers A Bumpy Ride, April 2002, Second Issue
Travel Buyers Facing New Airline Contract Issues, May 2002, First Issue
Second DFW Airport Survey Finds Increased Passenger Comfort Levels, May 2002, Second Issue
ITA And SITA Will Deliver Advanced Airfare System, June 2002, First Issue
ACTE White Paper Calls For Airfare Reform, June 2002, Second Issue
Airfare Reform Needs Broader Focus, Report Says, June 2002, Second Issue
Web Fare/Agency Fare Comparison, July 2002, First Issue
Use Of Leisure Fares Lowers Average Corporate Fare Levels, September 2002, Second Issue
Airline Policy Changes Will Affect Corporate Travel, October 2002, First Issue
EveryFare Program: Facts and Figures, October 2002, Second Issue
ACTE Members, UAL Weigh In On Airline Bankruptcy, December 2002, Second Issue

Business Travel Issues

U.S. Corporations Employ New Travel Cost-Saving Measures, February 2002, Second Issue
S&P Airline Industry Forecast Examines Business Travel, April 2002, First Issue
Business Travel Recovery Continues, April 2002, First Issue
Amtrak and GetThere To Provide Rail Service for Business Travelers, April 2002, Second Issue
Worldwide Business Travel Costs: New York is High, Sydney is Low, Study Finds, May 2002, Second Issue
Decrease Predicted For 2003 Business Travel Costs, Study Finds, July 2002, First Issue
Domestic Business Travel Price Index Drops, While International Index Shows Slight Increase, August 2002, First Issue
Business Vehicle Program Cost Data, August 2002, First Issue
Business Travel Associations Form International Alliance, September 2002, First Issue
Evaluating Travel Budgets, October 2002, First Issue
Web Fares And Carrier Capacity Continue To Impact Business Travel Industry, November 2002, First Issue
Business Travel Costs Expected To Increase 5 Percent, November 2002, Second Issue
Business Travel Continues Downward Spiral, November 2002, Second Issue
Business Travel Prices Will Increase Next Year, Study Predicts, December 2002, Second Issue

Car Rental Issues

e-Travel and National Car Rental Have A Direct Link, February 2002, Second Issue
Number Of Business Car Rentals Remains Steady, Survey Finds, December 2002, First Issue

Corporate Travel Management Strategies

Corporate Travel: What a Difference a Year Makes, January 2002, First Issue
Corporate Travel Management Affiliations, May 2002, First Issue
Expert: IT Landscape Has Corporate Travel Issue And Opportunities, July 2002, Second Issue
Sustainable Travel Management Value Plays Major Role In Corporate Travel, Expert Says, August 2002, Second Issue

Corporate Travel Policy Issues

Travel Professionals Say New Security Rules Will Slow Air Travel, But Promote Safety, February 2002, First Issue
"Sense of the Industry" Report Stirs Conference Attendees, June 2002, Second Issue
Web Purchases Require Integration With Corporate Policy, ACTE Maintains, July 2002, First Issue
Business Travel Industry Opposes Restrictions On Non-Refundable Tickets, October 2002, First Issue
Company Policy And Industry Changes Impact Key Trends Shaping Corporate Travel, October 2002, Second Issue

Easier Travel With Technology

The Sabre .Res Package, February 2002, First Issue
Huge Growth Seen in Online Corporate Travel Bookings, February 2002, Second Issue
More Executive Involvement in Travel Management and Use of Online Corporate Travel Bookings, Survey Finds, March 2002, First Issue
Online Corporate Travel Expenditures Nearing Record Levels, New Survey Finds, March 2002, Second Issue
Business and Leisure Travel Blend On the Internet, March 2002, Second Issue
e-Travel Releases Pre-Trip Approval Capability for Online Procurement Service, March 2002, Second Issue
Galileo Delivers New Step in Advanced Fare Systems, March 2002, Second Issue
Survey Ranks as Top Travel Planning Site for Business Travelers, April 2002, First Issue
e-Conference Options Gaining Momentum, March 2002, First Issue
Corporate Self-Booking Tools Offer Business Benefits, July 2002, First Issue
Gelco Releases Offline Expense Reporting Solution And T&E Operations Guide, July 2002, Second Issue
Internet Is Not Always Cheapest Source For Business Air Fares, New Study Reports, September 2002, First Issue
Employee Trips Booked Online Continue To Rise, Study Reports, September 2002, Second Issue
Corporate Travel Agencies To Get A Crack At America's Web Fares, October 2002, Second Issue
Technology Most Important Part Of Corporate Travel Programs, Managers Say, December 2002, First Issue

Global Travel Issues

Corporate Travelers Begin to Experience the Euro's Cost, February 2002, First Issue
The Euro Has Arrived, February 2002, First Issue
New Mobile Phone Service Geared Toward Business Travelers, March 2002, First Issue
Advances In Global Travel Technology Presented At NBTA Convention, August 2002, First Issue
Emphasis On Technology Will Impact Global Corporate Travel, Industry Experts Say, August 2002, First Issue
International Travel Managers Face New Global Challenges, August 2002, Second Issue
Global Airline RFP Released By NBTA Committee, October 2002, Second Issue
International Business Travelers Have Different Priorities And Needs, Survey Finds, November 2002, First Issue
ITM Joins IBTA; More International Alliances Possible, November 2002, First Issue
Online Booking Tools Finding A Global Fit, Industry Expert Tells Conference Attendees, December 2002, Second Issue

Legislation and Regulations Affecting Corporate Travel

Security Compliance Requires Patience and Preparation, February 2002, First Issue
NBTA Urges Security Guidelines, February 2002, First Issue
DOT Security Administration to Map Airport Security, February 2002, Second Issue
NBTA Asks DOT To Protect Travelers' Access To Purchasing Channels, July 2002, First Issue
NBTA Member Testifies Before National Commission About Corporate And Consumer Choice In Airline Industry, July 2002, Second Issue

Safety Issues

American Express Emphasizes Safety Services and Cost-Cutting Solutions, January 2002, Second Issue
Business Travelers Cope With New Airport Security Measures ... And Security Breeches, February 2002, Second Issue
IBTM Issues Emergency Guidelines and Procedures for Corporate Travel Programs, May 2002, Second Issue
Security and Reform Focus of ACTE Global Conference, June 2002, First Issue
Business Travel Experts Oppose Arming Pilots, August 2002, First Issue
Safety Is Primary Concern Of Women Business Travelers, September 2002, Second Issue
ACTE Questions Effectiveness Of New Airport Security Procedures, December 2002, First Issue
NBTA Joins TSA Air Security Campaign, December 2002, Second Issue

Travel Technology Trends, February 2002, First Issue
Worldspan and Epicentric Inc., May 2002, First Issue
TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions and AEGON USA; TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions and e-Travel, May 2002, First Issue
Ultramar Travel Management and GetThere, May 2002, First Issue
American Express, May 2002, First Issue
Gelco Releases New Offline Expense Reporting Solution, June 2002, First Issue
Marriott Offers TravelCLICK Products Worldwide, June 2002, First Issue
Navigant and i:FAO Extend Corporate Online Booking Partnership, July 2002, Second Issue
Travelocity Increases Business Traveler Information Access, July 2002, Second Issue
Orbitz Online Travel Booking Tool Introduced At NBTA Trade Show, August 2002, First Issue
Web-Based Tools Ease Corporate Travel, August 2002, Second Issue
Highwire Introduces New Corporate Travel Management Solutions Aimed At Increasing Employee Travel Policy Compliance, September 2002, First Issue
Cendent Corporation and Highwire Inc., September 2002, Second Issue
Sabre Holdings Corporation, October 2002, First Issue
GetThere, October 2002, First Issue
Navigant International and Outtask, October 2002, First Issue
WorldTravel BTI, November 2002, First Issue
TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions, November 2002, First Issue
Datalex, December 2002, First Issue
i:FAO, December 2002, First Issue
Radisson SAS, December 2002, First Issue

Training Your Travelers

ACTE Proposes Smart Card Trusted Traveler Initiative, June 2002, First Issue

Travel Industry Supplier News

Delta, United Add Web Site Features, July 2002, First Issue
Sabre Releases New Packaging Tool For Travel Managers, July 2002, Second Issue
Northwest Expands Corporate Rewards Program, July 2002
United Unveils Online Travel Package Planner, July 2002, Second Issue

Travel Manager Issues

Travel Managers Contemplate the Agenda for 2002, January 2002, First Issue
Typical Travel Manager Is a 44-Year Old Female With Industry Experience, March 2002, First Issue
Profile of Person In Charge of Travel Management, March 2002, First Issue
ACTE Advocates Proactive Stance for Crisis Management, April 2002, Second Issue
Corporate Travel Managers Have Varied Salaries and Structure, Study Finds, May 2002, First Issue
Travel Managers Cope With Budget Cuts and Policy Analysis, Study Finds, June 2002, First Issue
Companies Seeking Alternatives To High Travel Costs, Survey Finds, June 2002, Second Issue
ACTE Takes Issue With USA TODAY Travel Article, August 2002, Second Issue
Managing A Global Travel Program Requires Flexibility In All Areas, Experts Say, August 2002
Lag Seen In Resumption Of Business Travel Patterns, September 2002
Technical Know-How Vital To Higher Salaries, September 2002, First Issue
Corporate Travel Managers Support New Airport Security Measures, Survey Finds, October 2002, First Issue
Travel Managers Can Elevate Profile And Corporate Goals, Conference Speakers Say, November 2002, Second Issue
Travel Managers Experience Role Changes, November 2002, Second Issue
Today's Travel Managers: Changes In Roles And Responsibilities, November 2002, Second Issue
Senior Management Assessment Of Travel Program Value, November 2002, Second Issue
Travel Manager Collaboration In Program Strategy Development, December 2002, First Issue
Travel Manager's View Of Strategic Role, December 2002, First Issue

Trends in Corporate Travel Management

Sabre and TIA Surveys Forecast Trends, January 2002, First Issue
TRX Ranking Jumps Up, January 2002, First Issue
Gelco Partners With Travel Providers To Offer Travel and Expense Solution, January 2002, Second Issue
TRX and Gelco Integrate Federal Travel Systems, January 2002, Second Issue
Extensity Signs Marketing Agreement With McCord, January 2002, Second Issue
NBTA Urges DOT to Address Corporate Web Fare Access, March 2002, First Issue
TRX Unveils New Processing Package, April 2002, First Issue
AirPlus and Amadeus Partner in Business Travel Management, April 2002, Second Issue
NBTA President Observes Industry Changes, Growth, May 2002, Second Issue
NBTA Survey Reveals Recovery Is Still Twelve Months Away, July 2002, Second Issue
Travel Management's Future Faces Consolidation and Competition, Experts Say, First Issue
Benchmarking Assumes Greater Role In Travel Management, Experts Say, September 2002, Second Issue
Application Of The Benchmarking Process, September 2002, Second Issue
NBTA Agenda Includes Coalition Business, Political Action And Education Programs, September 2002, Second Issue
GAO Explores Registered Traveler Program, Asks ACTE Input, October 2002, Second Issue
NBTA White Paper Outlines New Corporate Travel Profile, November 2002, First Issue
Corporate Travel: Reviews And Relationships, November 2002, First Issue
ACTE To Join GSA In Per Diem Review Process, November 2002, First Issue
Travel Managers Face New Opportunities, Challenges And Risks, December 2002, First Issue
Revised CRS Rules Must Protect Consumer Choice, NBTA Says, December 2002, First Issue

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