Adult Day Services Letter
2002 Index

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Adult Day Center Management

Flexibility Makes New Jersey Respite Care Program a Success, February 2002

Adult Day Industry Market News

Senior Care Centers of America, August 2002

Alzheimer's Disease Programs and Issues

As Severity of Alzheimer's Increases, Caregiver and Patient Costs Rise, March 2002
Caregivers' Denial of First Signs of Alzheimer's Causes Barriers for Diagnosis, March 2002
Adult Day Services Offer Specialized Care for Dementia Patients, March 2002
Alzheimer's More Prevalent Among African-Americans, Report Says, April 2002
Cognitive Stimulation May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's, April 2002
Certain Services For Alzheimer's Now Covered By Medicare, May 2002
Alzheimer's Summit Sets Model for Other States, May 2002

Caregiver Issues

Depression, Loneliness Linger Among Former Caregivers, January 2002
Family Caregives in Need of Self Awareness, Survey Finds, February 2002
Internet Projects to Help Increase Skills of Professional Caregivers, February 2002
Caregivers Should Be Included in Stroke Rehabilitation, April 2002
Caregivers Who Exercise Have Lowered Blood Pressure Reactivity, May 2002
Caregivers Learn How To Communicate With Healthcare Professionals, June 2002
New Training Manual Created To Help Volunteer Caregivers, June 2002
Alzheimer Caregiving Guide Offered By AARP Andrus Foundation, July 2002
At-Home Exercise Helps Caregivers Care For Themselves, September 2002

Fund Raising and Grant Support for Adult Day Services

Grants to Help FCA Enhance, Develop Caregiver Programs Nationwide, April 2002
PBS Caregiving Documentary Supported by Government Agencies, Foundations, May 2002
HHS Awards 177 Grants To Native American Caregivers, July 2002
Federal Grants Of $7 Million Awarded To Projects Supporting Family Cargivers, September 2002

Adult Day Program Profiles

How One ADC Is Meeting Community Needs and Increasing Membership, January 2002
Art Promotes Seniors as Community Resource, February 2002
Intergenerational Day Care Helps Clients Improve, March 2002
ADS Center Uses Faith to Get Through the Day, May 2002
How One ADS Organization Is Making It In A Tough Economy, June 2002
Twenty-Four Hour Respite Care At Virginia ADC Provides Much Needed Caregiver Rest, August 2002
Day Break ADC: Making Members A Part Of The Community, August 2002
Adult Day Director Sees Many Benefits By Adopting The Eden Alternative, November 2002
How One ADC Is Helping Its Members Celebrate The Season, December 2002

Legislation and Regulations Affecting

Adult Day Services

Alzheimer Public Policy Advocates Score Victories in State Legislation, March 2002
ADS Center Seek CARF Accreditation To Validate, Differentiate Their Services, May 2002
New Respite Care Service Legislation Would Provide Relief To Caregivers, July 2002
NADSA Calls on Congress to Amend Bill To Help Those Who Need Adult Day Services, September 2002
New Jersey Adult Day Health Programs Hit Regulatory Delays, October 2002
Michigan Adult Day And Elderly Services Spared $5 Million Funding Cut, November 2002
Congress Takes No Action On Senate Bill Amendment, Decemer 2002

Marketing Strategies

Adult Day Group Uses Video To Spread Its Word, January 2002

Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement

Reimbursement Starting To Better Reflect Patient Needs, October 2002
Top 10 States With The Largest Number Of ADCs with Medicaid Funding, December 2002

Trends in Adult Day Services

Top Trends, Concerns for ADC Professionals This Year, January 2002
Almost All Of the States With The Most ADCs Are Located On The East Coast, June 2002
Massachusetts Tops The List Of States With The Most ADCs With Medicaid Funding, July 2002
Texas, California Take First Place In For-Profit And Not-For Profit ADC Survey, July 2002
New York's ADCs Charge A Daily Rate Above The National Average, August 2002
Highest Percentage Of ADC Funding Comes From State, Federal Grants, August 2002
Lights, Music, Snoezelen: A Sensory Stimulation System For Relaxation And Enjoyment, September 2002
Top Ten Largest Adult Day Services Providers By Number Of Center, September 2002
Dogs For Pet Therapy Can Be Found Through Many Organizations, October 2002
Top 10 States With The Largest Number of Adult Day Centers, December 2002
Transportation: Key Issue In Adult Day Care, December 2002

Looking Ahead in Adult Day Services

Research Shows New Mechanism May Be Cause of Mild Cognitive Impairment, March 2002
NADSA Becomes Independent Organization, May 2002
Combination Senior Center And ADC Help Each Other Grow, July 2002
New Intergenerational Adult Day Center Will Also Serve Special Needs Children, September 2002
How Adult Day Programs Can Combat Recruiting-Retention Challenges, October 2002
Innovative Transportation Service For Elderly May Expand Nationally, November 2002
Transportation Service May Start In Virginia, Maryland And New York If Federal Funds Released, November 2002

HIPAA and Adult Day Services

Guidance for ADS Centers To Comply With HIPAA, April 2002

Industry News

Senior Care Centers Acquire Deerfield Senior Day Center, January 2002
Senior Care Centers of America Name New Administrator, February 2002
Active Services Corporation, February 2002
The Changing Faces Of The Arc, June 2002
Looking Back On Adult Day Care Services In 2002, December 2002

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