Hospice Letter
2002 Index

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Children in Hospice

Camps Teach Children Grieving is Normal, February 2002
NHPCO Addresses Need for Improvements in Pediatric Palliative Care, March 2002
Siblings Benefit From Support Groups, March 2002
Program Model Created to Help Terminally Ill Children Receive Palliative Care, March 2002
Hospice Execs Say: There Is a Lack of Care for Terminally Ill Children in U.S., May 2002
Children's Hospice International To Use CMS Grant For The PACC, July 2002
Pediatric Palliative Care Issue, Become A Focus Of The Hospice Industry, August 2002

Hospice Management

Ten Strategies for Implementing a Hospital-Based Palliative Care Program, January 2002
Bereavement Guidelines Offer Hospice Providers a New Resource, April 2002
'Timeless Model' Conference Explores Hospice's Past and Future, July 2002
Perforum Hospice Benchmarks Bring Focus To Hospice Management, December 2002

Hospice Marketing Strategies

Mask Project -- A Unique Hospice Fund Raiser, November 2002

Hospice Trends

Reimbursement, Declining ALOS Continue To Drive Hospice Trends in 2002, January 2002
First-Ever Guide Issued for Families of Alzheimer's Patients in Need of Hospice, April 2002
New March of Dimes Web Site Offers Free Bereavement Materials, May 2002
Carolinas Hospice Benchmarking Project Makes Some Necessary Changes, August 2002
Hospice Tiers Of Care And Other Models Examined At Conference, August 2002
Spiritual Support in Hospice, September 2002
Study Combines Palliative Care Protocols With Disease Management System, October 2002
Electronic Fililng Of Hospice Cost Report Deadline Approaching, October 2002
Last Acts Find The Majority Of Americans Rate Health System Only "Fair Or Lower," November 2002

Hospice Volunteer Programs

Hospice Volunteers Giving Back To The Community, June 2002
Teen Scene: How One Teen Hospice Volunteer Program Has Become Sucessful, July 2002

Hospice and Managed Care

Hospice Medicaid Education Project Findings Assist In Creating Hospice Health Policy, June 2002
CMS Reminds Public of Medicare Hospice Benefit, June 2002
MedPAC Report On Hospice Benefit Fails To Address All Industry Concerns, July 2002
MedPAC: Medicare Payment Policies Are Not 'Primary Contributors' To Short Hospice Stays, July 2002
Medicare Hospice Payment Rates Increase, August 2002
CAPC Report Focuses On CMS Changes To Improve Palliative Care, August 2002
Hospice Medicare 2003 Wage Index Published By CMS, September 2002
Medicare Home Health Payments Expected To Rise 12 Percent, October 2002
Medicare Makes Unprecedented Push For Earlier Hospital Referrals, November 2002
Medicare Approves New Interim Final Rule, December 2002

Improving Care at the End-of-Life

Americans Believe Expert End-Of-Life Consultations Should Be Offered, February 2002
Nationwide Assistance Available for Coalitions Serving Needs of the Dying, April 2002
Social Workers Develop End-Of-Life Care Agenda At Summit, May 2002
End-Of-Life Care Education Gaining Momentum in National Nursing Schools, June 2002
Maintaining Patient's Dignity Proves Important For Those At The End-Of-Life, June 2002
Training Modules On End-Of-Life Care Available, October 2002
Last Acts First State-By-State Report Card On End-of-Life Care, November 2002
Last Acts Recommendations For Action, November 2002
NHPCO Agrees With Some Of Last Acts Report Findings, November 2002
Education Is Key To Resolving Late Hospice Referrals, December 2002

Innovative Hospice Programs

How Hospices Can Best Select IT Solutions, January 2002
$128 Million in Grants Under National Family Caregiver Support Program Issued, April 2002
Hospice Offers Specialized Alzheimer's Support Group, May 2002
Innovative Hospice Collaborations Across Country Receive Circle Of Life Award, August 2002
Hospice "Tuck In" Program Receives Award, October 2002

Legislation and Regulations Affecting Hospice Programs

Hospice Is the Focus of Additional Legislative Proposals, January 2002
Michigan Governor Signs End-of-Life Bills Into Law, February 2002
Kentucky Bill Would Establish Medical Standards for Pain, April 2002
Bill Would Allow Nurse Practitioners to Administer Controlled Substances, April 2002
Bill Would Allow for Pain Management Guidelines, April 2002
Legislation Relating To End-of-Life Care Reviewed, November 2002

Looking Ahead in Hospice Care

Hospice Services Offered Rarely by ADCs, But Benefits Seen for Clients, Caregivers, January 2002
Hospice Care Can Improve Quality of Life for Nursing Home Residents, February 2002
Grant To Aid NHPCO Program Seeking To Develop Hospice Performance Measurement System, May 2002
Review of Six New State Pain Policies Released, May 2002
Grant Awarded To Provide Earlier Access To Palliative Care, June 2002

Minorities in Hospice

Initiatives Underway To Help Minorities, Poor Receive More Benefits of Palliative Care, February 2002
Conference Addresses Minority Issues in Palliatve Care, March 2002
NAACP Joins Last Acts, April 2002

Hospice News

NJ Hospice Gets Joint Commission Accreditation, April 2002
Loss In Later Life Examined At HFA Teleconference, June 2002
Veterans in Hospice Initiative Launched, June 2002
Up To $150,00 Available For Palliative Care Training Fellowship, July 2002
Grant Focuses On Bringing Palliative Care To The Intensive Care Unit, July 2002
$1 Million Awarded To Hospice By The Sea, September 2002
Mayes Center For Hope Opens In Florida, October 2002
Living With Grief National Bereavement Teleconference Offered As Home Study, November 2002
The Year In Hospice, December 2002
Hospice-Physician Education New Special Report, December 2002


What You And Your Hospice Staff Need To Know About HIPAA, September 2002
New Web Site Dedicated To Educating Healthcare Industry About HIPAA, October 2002

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