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2002 Index

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Corporate Philanthropy

BCBSM Makes $65,000 in Grants to Minnesota Healthcare Organizations, February 2002
Grants Will Be Awarded To Improve Critical Health Problems, Policy Issues, March 2002
RFP Issued for Alzheimer's Respite Program Grants, March 2002
Baxter Focuses Giving on Improving Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare, April 2002
JHU Gets $9.9 Million Grant to Establish Genetics, Public Policy Center, April 2002
Global Health Program Funds Those Who Wish To Improve Global Health Equity, June 2002
Healthcare Grants Offered By Kellogg Foundation Year-Round, June 2002
3M Contributes $13.6 Million To Build And Strengthen Healthy Communities, July 2002
Commonwealth Fund Lends Support To Healthcare Research, Improvement, August 2002
Programs That Expand Access To Healthcare Are The Focus Of The California Endowment, August 2002
More Than $875 Million Total Grants Made By W.M. Keck Foundation, August 2002
About $75 Million In Grants Issued By The Cleveland Foundation, August 2002
Health Promotion, Wellness Are Priorities Of PacifiCare Foundation, September 2002
Over $10 Million In Grants Awarded This Year By Public Welfare Foundation, September 2002
Wal-Mart Foundation Funding Guided By Local Stores' Recommendations, November 2002
Foundation Supports Capital Projects To Promote Community Development, November 2002
Grants Awarded For Primary Care Physicians To Work With Researchers, November 2002
New Program To Help Retain, Recruit Long-Term Care Workers, December 2002
MetLife Foundation Helps Promote National Health, December 2002
Grant Awards Total $1.5 Billion In Duke Endowment History, December 2002

Elderly Health Services Grants

Four-Year Grant Program Seeks to Increase Seniors Who Engage in Physical Activity, February 2002
Grant Provides Adult Day Services for Dementia Patients, March 2002
Grants to Help FCA Enhance, Develop Caregiver Programs Nationwide, April 2002
Grants Focus on Supporting Programs That Improve Older Americans' Lives, June 2002
Foundation Provides Grants To Support Increasing Elderly Population, July 2002
Thirteen Communities To Improve Local Services For Older Adults Through RWJF Grants, September 2002
More Than $25 Million Awarded By Hartford Foundation For Aging and Human Services, October 2002
Samuels Foundation Shifts Focus To Healthcare For The Elderly, December 2002
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Awards $8.7 Million, December 2002

Federal Funding Highlights

HRSA Gives 60 Grants Totaling $14.6 Million to Expand Healthcare Services, February 2002
Grant Helps Examine Healthcare Workforces Along U.S./Mexico Border, February 2002
Federal Grants Awarded To Decrease Worsening Nursing Shortage, October 2002
Hospitals Impacted By Sept. 11 Receive $140 Million In Grant Reimbursement, October 2002
HRSA Offers Diverse Grants In Geriatric Training For Health Professionals, December 2002

Funding for HIV/AIDS

$69 Million in Continuation Grants Awarded to Help Ensure Early HIV Care, February 2002
HIV/AIDS Prevention Grants Available, May 2002
Funding For AIDS, Mental Health From The Ittleson Foundation, July 2002
More Than $25 Million Awarded To AIDS Education And Training Centers, September 2002
HHS Awards Nearly $20 Million For Services For People With HIV/AIDS, October 2002

Funding for Cancer

New Funds Support Colorectal Cancer Screening In Primary Care Practices, January 2002
More Than $6.5 Million Awarded for Pancreatic Cancer Research, May 2002
Charlotte Geyer Foundation Provides Interim Cancer Research, July 2002
Kimmel Foundation Provides Support To Cancer Researchers, November 2002

Funding for Minorities and Underserved

Grant Aims To Improve Latinos' Access to Care, January 2002
HHS Awards $85 Million To Help Eliminate Pattern Of Poor Health Among Minorities, November 2002
Rockefeller Foundation Seeks To Improve The Lives Of The Poor And Excluded, December 2002

Funding for Patient Care/Safety

PRHI Gets $25,000 Aetna Grant, February 2002
Incentives Of $4.9 Million In Grants Awarded To Increase Healthcare Quality, October 2002
Preventing Medical Errors Is Goal Of New Funding Initiative, November 2002

Grant Funding Update

The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, January 2002
The Whitaker Foundation, January 2002
New President And CEO Named For The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, September 2002

Grant Support for Children's and Adolescents' Health Issues

Children's Oral Health Is The Focus Of ADA Grant, May 2002
Up To $300,000 Available for Poison Control Cooperative Agreement, June 2002
Healthy Children And Dental Health Partnerships Focus Of Sierra Health Foundation, September 2002
Health Grants For Youth Nearly Tripled Since 1996, November 2002

Health Professions Education Funding

Career Development Grants Available for Researchers Interested in Patient Safety, January 2002
HRSA Grantees Eligible for Healthcare Management Training, February 2002
PACE Grants Awarded to Ten States, March 2002

Medical Research Grants

RFP for Fellowships in Skin Diseases Announced, March 2002
AHRQ Grants To Assist PBRNs In Research, Practice, April 2002
Up To $7 Million Available For Translating Research Into Practice Grant, June 2002
Brain Research Is The Focus Of Dana Foundation, August 2002
Medical Strategies And Outreach Efforts Focus Of Program, November 2002

Mental Healthcare and Substance Abuse Grants

NIMH Awards $6 Million for Autism Research, April 2002
Up To $5 Million Available for Depression in Primary Care Settings Grant, May 2002
Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism Research Funding From NIAAA, July 2002

Patient Care/Safety Funding

Up To $500,000 Available For SCOPE Grant, May 2002
Encouraging Caring Attributes in Patient Care Subject of Arthur Vining Davis Grant, May 2002

Poor and Underserved Funding

BCBSMA Accepting Applications For Three "Access" Programs, June 2002
The Health Of Underserved and Poor Is Concern Of Nathan Cummings Grant, June 2002

Trends in Fund Development

New Year To Be Marked By Uncertainty, Concern by Grantmakers, January 2002
California Foundations Are a Prime Source for Health Funding, January 2002
HIPAA Guidelines for Fundraising, February 2002
Matching Grants Program to Aid Communities Improve Health, Healthcare, March 2002
Up to $13.5 Million Available for HCFO Grants Initiative, April 2002
Grants Offer Chance to Align Payment Systems and Nonfinancial Incentives, April 2002
Aetna Foundation Accepting Proposals for Program Grants, May 2002
Advancing, Financing And Integrating Health Programs Supported By Jewish Healthcare Foundation, July 2002
Core Operating Support Is Primary Interst Of California Wellness Foundation, July 2002
HRSA Budget: FY 2002 Increases Make For More Grant Funding In All Areas, August 2002
Hospital Mortgage Insurance And Construction Financing Available With No Limits, August 2002
Charitable Gifts To Healthcare Decline 2.1 Percent In 2001, September 2002
Hospital Mortgage Insurance And Construcion Financing Available With No Limits, September 2002
Federal E-Grants System To Simplify, Speed Up Grants Process, October 2002
Healthcare Grantseekers Following Stock Market, Economy For Clues About Funding In 2003, December 2002

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