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Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Consumer and Physician Attitudes Examined, April 1999, Second Issue
Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Consumer and Physician Attitudes Examined, May 1999, First Issue
Consider a Supplemental Rider When Offering CAM Benefits to Enrollees, May 1999, Second Issue
Discount Programs: Another Option for CAM Benefits, June 1999, First Issue

Disease Management

New Association Will Champion Effects of Disease Management, March 1999, Second Issue

Information Systems/Information Technology

Healthcare IS/IT Companies Focused on Managed Care in 1998, January 1999, First Issue
Future Challenges for Managed Care Claims Processing, February 1999, Second Issue
Address IT Issues Before Entering Any Healthcare Merger, April 1999, Second Issue
Providers Lag Behind in the Y2K Compliance Race, May 1999, First Issue
Kaiser Awarded for Efforts in Computerized Patient Records, July 1999, Second Issue

Legislation/Regulations Affecting Managed Care

Dealing With Healthcare Legislation/Regulation Tops List of Industry Concerns for the New Year, February 1999, First Issue
Congress Looking to Pass Patient Protections Again, March 1999, Second Issue
Bills Call for Security of Healthcare Information, Draw Criticism, April 1999, First Issue
Physicians and Other Providers Could 'Unionize' Under New Bill, May 1999, First Issue
Bill Would Require Permission To Record Phone Calls, May 1999, Second Issue
HCFA Addresses National Coverage Decisions, June 1999, First Issue
Bills Create Incentives To Serve Rural Communities, June 1999, Second Issue
Clinton's Medicare Plan: Concern Over Drub Benefit, July 1999, Second Issue

Looking Ahead in Managed Care

Healthcare Cost Increase Could Double in 1999 -- Americans Concerned With the Effects, January 1999, First Issue
Understanding Managed Care: Trends and Projections Into the 21st Century, February 1999, Second Issue
Study To Analyze Impact of Marketing Campaigns, March 1999, Second Issue
Managed Care Physicians Must Address the Age of Consumerism, April 1999, First Issue
Experts Give Some Healthy Advice to the Managed Care Industry, May 1999, Second Issue

Making Managed Care Work

MCOs Should Improve PCP Contracts, January 1999, First Issue
MCOs Need To Prepare for New Risk-Based Capital Requirements, January 1999, Second Issue
Aetna Targets College Students Searching for Healthcare, January 1999, Second Issue
Specialty Capitation for MCOs: What You Can Expect To See, February 1999, First Issue
External Review Helps Reduce Number of Complaints, February 1999, Second Issue
BCBS of Tennessee Improves Efficiency of Claims Processing, March 1999, First Issue
Access to Online Information Improves Satisfaction, March 1999, Second Issue
Increase Satisfaction By Letting Consumers Have Their Say, April 1999, Second Issue
Understand Why, How and With Whom to Outsource Your Business Functions, May 1999, First Issue
MCOs Reaping the Benefits of Health and Wellness Programs, May 1999, First Issue
Ensuring Success in Medicare Risk, July 1999, First Issue
Health Plan Reaches Out to Community Through Educational Initiative, July 1999, First Issue
Smoking Cessation Designed for All Groups and Ages, July 1999, First Issue
Community Profiling Aids in Strategic Marketing, July 1999, First Issue

Managed Care Competition

HIP Files Massive Fraud Lawsuit, January 1999, First Issue
Acquisition of Prudential HealthCare Will Make Aetna the Nation's Largest Health Insurer, January 1999, Second Issue
Considerations for Improving Hospitalist Services, June 1999, First Issue
National HMO Penetration Levels Revealed, June 1999, Second Issue
Coastal Regions Home to Largest IPA-Model HMOs, June 1999, Second Issue


Risk Adjustment To Give MCOs Higher Medicare Premiums, February 1999, First Issue
Declining Medicare Overpayments Hit Three-Year Low, March 1999, First Issue
Medicare Beneficiaries With Cancer Get Better Care from HMOs, April 1999, First Issue
Funding Available for Medicaid Solutions, May 1999, First Issue
Face-To-Face Q&A Meetings for Medicare Enrollees, June 1999, First Issue
More Medicare Withdrawals: Is This a Repeat of Last Year?, July 1999, Second Issue

Member Retention

Member Retention Strategies: Examine Your Customer Service Efforts, January 1999, Second Issue
Online Information Key To Serving Consumers' Needs, May 1999, Second Issue

Profitability Issues

Cost Increases the Same for HMOs and Indemnity Plans, February 1999, First Issue
Ensure Profitability By Re-Evaluating Your Management of Medicare Revenue, March 1999, First Issue
Rising Pharmaceutical Costs: Examining Causes, Effects and Changes to the System, March 1999, Second Issue
Improve Profitability by Managing Injury and Work Related Claims, April 1999, First Issue
Mixed First Quarter Results for Managed Care Industry, June 1999, First Issue

Quality Issues

Telephone Triage Could Be Compromising Patient Safety, January 1999, First Issue
NCQA's HEDIS 2000 Targets Care for Chronic Diseases, February 1999, Second Issue
Consumer's Assessments of Medicare Plans Online, March 1999, First Issue
HEDIS Compliance Audit Required for All Medicare Health Plans, April 1999, First Issue
Regional NCQA Accreditation Trends Identified for HMOs, May 1999, Second Issue
Plans Should Work To Eliminate Inaccurate Information, May 1999, Second Issue
URAC Accreditation Highest for PPOs in Pacific Region, June 1999, First Issue
Are Physician Report Cards Worth the Effort?, June 1999, Second Issue

Question of the Month

Should Drug Companies Be At-Risk?, March 1999, Second Issue
Negative Opinions of Managed Care Unlikely To Disappear This Year, April 1999, Second Issue
Professionals Doubt Legislators' Ability To Fully Understand the Healthcare System, May 1999, Second Issue
Healthcare Execs Split Over Having Only One Quality Oversight Body, June 1999, Second Issue
Enrollees Are Served Better by Not-For-Profits, July 1999, Second Issue

Trends in Managed Care

Vision Benefits Less Common Among MCOs in Densely Populated Regions, January 1999, First Issue
Healthcare Professionals Identify Most Important Industry Developments of 1998, January 1999, Second Issue
National Growth Trends in Dental Benefits Identified, January 1999, Second Issue
MCOs and Long-Term Care Benefits: National Trends Identified, February 1999, First Issue
Y2K Conversion No. 1 Priority for HMOs, February 1999, Second Issue
Wellness Benefits on the Rise: National Trends Identified, February 1999, Second Issue
Primary Care Services Better for Nursing Home Residents in Medicare HMOs, March 1999, First Issue
Number of MCOs Offering Psychiatric Benefits Doubles in Pacific Region, March 1999, First Issue
One in Five MCOs Covered Workers' Comp in 1997, March 1999, Second Issue
Number of MCOs Covering Home Health Grows by 60 Percent, April 1999, First Issue
Wide Variations in PPO Oversight, A Comparison of States Reveals, April 1999, Second Issue
Most Healthcare Executives Rate 1998a 'Better Year, May 1999, First Issue
Coverage Decisions Should Stay With Health Plans, June 1999, Second Issue
Dental Benefits Move to Managed Care, June 1999, Second Issue
Despite Changes/Restrictions, Enrollees Rate Pharmacy Benefits Highly, June 1999, Second Issue
Much Attention Given To Few Managed Care Complaints, June 1999, Second Issue
Salary Data for HMO Executives Revealed, July 1999, First Issue
A Focus on Healthcare for Traveling Employees, July 1999, First Issue
Average Executive Satisfied With Compensation, July 1999, Second Issue
Consolidation Continues for Managed Care, July 1999, Second Issue

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