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Elderly Healthcare Services

The Emerging Role of the Aging Network in Managed Care, January 1998

Employer Healthcare Benefits

Cost Still Top Healthcare Concern for Employers, February 1998

Healthcare Consumerism

New Study Shows Consumerism Is a Main Concern Among Healthcare Organizations, March 1998
Consumers Have More To Say in Healthcare Decisions, May 1998
Increased Consumerism Leads to Heavier Reliance on Technology, June 1998
Industry Concerned With Healthcare Costs But Consumers Are Willing To Pay, July 1998
Survey Shows Consumers' Perceptions of Healthcare System, July 1998
How the "New Consumers" and Competition Will Change the Healthcare System, September 1998
Potential for Physicians To Influence Consumers' Health Plan Selection, December 1998

Healthcare Integration

PHOs Continue To Grow in Popularity, January 1998
Major Growth Expected in Capitation Involvement by Physicians, March 1998
Prevalence of Physician Hospital Organizations Expected To Continue To Increase, March 1998
Opportunities Seen for Pharmacists in Integrated Health Systems, March 1998
IDSs Seen as Growing Power, New Marketing Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Firms, March 1998
Study Tracks Physician Trend Toward Integration, April 1998
Acquisition of Physician Medical Groups Continues Unabated With 16 Percent Increase, August 1998
Three Preferred Growth Strategies Revealed in Physician Services Marketplace, August 1998
Profitability of Hospital-Acquired Physician Practices Suffering, But Outlook Is Optimistic, September 1998
IDS and Managed Care Penetration Both Affecting Physician Incomes, Studies Show, November 1998
Factors Affecting Overall Success of PHOs, December 1998

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Spending Rise Reaches Record Low; Trend Expected To Continue, April 1998
Provider Reluctance To Negotiate Will Cause Medical Inflation Rate To Reach Double Digits in 1999, September 1998
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Spending Grows Slower Than Healthcare Spending, November 1998
Long-Term Care Insurance Sales Soaring, While Premiums Drop, November, 1998
New Rise in Healthcare Costs Puts Direct Contracting Back on the Table, December 1998

The Healthcare Marketplace

Industry Experts Predict Transitions, Online Transactions and Transformation in Next Century, January 1998
California's Environment Provides Crystal Ball to What's Ahead in Healthcare, July 1998
First Quarter Earnings Down for Healthcare Provider and Service Companies, August 1998
Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Continue To Increase - Quarterly Total Is Third Highest Ever, September 1998
Second Quarter Earnings Down for Managed Care, Hospital and Practice Management, October 1998
What You Should Do To Prepare for the New Millennium, November 1998

Healthcare Performance

New NCQA Standards Link Performance Measures to Accreditation Process, May 1998
Health Plan Report Cards Are Not Helping Consumers, June 1998
Most Employers Not Considering NCQA Accreditation and HEDIS Data, November 1998

Healthcare Reform Update

America's Healthcare Systems in Need of Medicine, January 1998
Health Reform Will Arise From National, State Levels, Managed Care Industry and Politics, February 1998
Changing U.S. Healthcare System Triggers Need for "Bill of Rights," February 1998
Campaigns Aim To Stop "Big Brother" Mentality in Healthcare Reform, March 1998
Medicare Reforms Continue Having Impact on Healthcare Industry, April 1998
Major Trends in Healthcare Reform: Expanding Access and Improving Quality, May 1998
Nurse Executives Likely To Play Greater Role in Shaping Future Healthcare Systems, May 1998
HIPAA Does Not Address Americans Reporting "Job Lock," October 1998

Information Systems/Information Technology

Providers Need Management Information Tools To Manage Risk, January 1998
Technological Innovation Will Continue in Healthcare Industry, April 1998
Data Analysis Is Number One Priority, April 1998
Emerging IT Trends You Need To Know, May 1998
New Healthcare Management Resource on the World Wide Web, May 1998
Significant Growth Expected in the Hospital Communications Equipment Market, June 1998
Comprehensive, Strategic Intelligence Now Available on the Internet, July 1998
Technology Fuels the Growth of Patient Education, July 1998
HHS Proposal Targets Security of Electronic Health Data, October 1998
Online Directory of Managed Care Organizations Launched, October 1998

Managed Healthcare

HMO Enrollment Increases Despite Consumer Pressure for Quality of Care, January 1998
Study Uncovers "Revolving Door" in Enrollment for Medicare HMOs, January 1998
Retirees Satisfied With Their Managed Care Plans, January 1998
Managed Care Markets Improve Hospital Profitability, January 1998
An Alternative to Lawsuits: the Texas Solution, January 1998
Managed Medicare Markets Expected To Post 100 Percent Enrollment Increases, February 1998
Disenrollment Rising in Managed Care Plans, February 1998
Areas of Low Managed Care Are Catching Up, February 1998
Study Results Foretell Prevention Opportunites for Managed Care Organizations, February 1998
Primary Care Physician Gatekeeping Arrangements Remain a Pervasive Feature of Health Insurance, April 1998
Managed Care Develops Through Six Stages, Says Industry Expert, April 1998
Managed Care in Small Firms Approaches Similar Enrollment Level in Large Firms, May 1998
Looking Ahead: Managed Care Trends, June 1998
Care Management Replaces Cost Reduction as Strategic Priority for Providers and MCOs, June 1998
Study Examines HMO Customer Satisfaction Levels, June 1998
Managed Care Yearbook Offers Critical Information, June 1998
Study Points Out Regional Differences in HMO Cost, Quality and Satisfaction, July 1998
Disenrollment Rates for Medicare HMOs Exceeded 20 Percent in 1996, August 1998
Medicaid-Dominated HMOs Attain 48 Percent of Market Share, August 1998
Report Analyzes HMO Penetration Levels by Metropolitan Market Size, September 1998
Managed Behavioral Health Enrollment Climbs, September 1998
HMO Penetration Highest in Large Markets, but Smaller Markets Are Growing Faster, October 1998
Study Analyzes the Effects of Managed Care Growth on the Hospital Community, October 1998
Medicaid Shifts Risk to Health Plans and Providers, October 1998


Congressman Looking To Unlock "Lock-In" Provision, January 1998
Demonstration Projects Likely To Be First To Participate in Medicare as PSOs, May 1998
Medicare Commission Defines Role at First Meeting, May 1998
New Report Identifies Emerging Medicare Risk Enrollment Markets, May 1998