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Cost-Cutting Statistics

The Economics of Obesity, July 1998
Corporate Fitness Program Improves At-Risk Participants' Health Stats and Healthcare Costs, July 1998
Award-Winning, Integrated Wellness Program Helps City Save $7 Million, September 1998, Management Clinic Insert
Financial Impact of Worksite Health Promotion Revealed in Study Analysis, October 1998
Sick-Day Costs Are More Than Double for Obese Workers, November 1998
New Study Identifies Costliest Worker Health Risks; Results May Surprise You, December 1998

Empowering Consumers: Self-Care & Managing Demand

Nurse Counseling, Other Self-Care Programs May Cut Healthcare Use, January 1998
Demand Management, Self-Care Success Stories Point to Potential Solution to Utilization Woes, January 1998
How To Implement Self-Care Programs, January 1998

Industry News Update

BabyCenter Inc., June 1998
Canadian Back Institute, April 1998
Charter Semiconductor Manufacturers Inc., July 1998
Continuum Healthcare, July 1998
Discover Recovery Solutions Inc., October 1998
Health Fitness Corporation, July 1998, p.11; October 1998
Humphrey Systems, July 1998
Innovative Health Services, July 1998
International Fitness Club Network, October 1998
Lexant, April 1998
Lucent Technologies, July 1998 Inc., August 1998
Network Associates, July 1998
Novartis Consumer Health Canada Inc., August 1998
NYLCare Health Plans Inc., October 1998
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliff, LLP, July 1998
Personal Health Connections, April 1998
Prevention First, April 1998
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc., August 1998
Ultrafit Centers, October 1998
WellCall Inc., July 1998, p.12; August 1998

Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Programs

"Correct Posture Month" Provides Chance to Offer Employees Ergonomic Tips, May 1998
Dramatic Rise in Sports-Related Injuries for Older People; Emphasize Safety, June 1998
Don't Let Phone Calls Be a Pain in the Neck: Tips for Telephone Fitness, June 1998
Implement Simple Strategies To Help Prevent Back Injuries in the Workplace, October 1998
Automaker Saturn Implements Effective Back-Injury Prevention Strategies, October 1998

Management Tips

Seven Building Blocks for Successful Programs, February 1998
Help Your Program Participants Set Appropriate Personal Goals To Achieve Success, February 1998
Tips for Getting Your Employees Internally Motivated Toward Wellness, April 1998
Employee Buy-In Is Foundation of Strong Wellness Program: Methods for Success, May 1998
Management Resource Debuts on the World Wide Web for Wellness, Health Promotion Professionals, May 1998
Keys To Help Sandwich Generation Balance Multiple Roles, May 1998
Where You Can Turn for Comprehensive, Strategic Healthcare Intelligence, July 1998
Demonstrating Results, Giving Positive Feedback Are Links To Improving Motivation, August 1998
Sure-Fire Ways To Make the Most of a Shoe-String Budget, September 1998
Scare Tactics Won't Always Work for Health Promotion Initiatives, November 1998
New Report Analyzes How To Improve Health Through Communication, December 1998

Program Planning

Online Wellness: Reaching a New Depth in Personal Wellness Delivery, January 1998
Putting the Fun in Fitness: Fitness Game Hits and Misses, February 1998
Information Gap Reveals an Opportunity for Positive Wellness Program Impact, February 1998
Current Events Represent a Valuable Opportunity for Program Promotion, March 1998
Awareness Programs Needed To Improve Understanding of Body Fat, April 1998
Service Helps Employees Find Wellness Providers, April 1998
Real-World Methods That Have Led to Wellness Program Success, May 1998
The Swipe File: Little Elmo, May 1998
Increased Emphasis on Stroke Symptoms and Risks Vital, New Study Shows, June 1998
Incorporate a Buddy System Into Your Fitness Program To Increase Motivation, Long-Term Participation, July 1998
The Swipe File: Finding Time, August 1998
Partner With Physicians To Help Your Weight Control Participants Find Success, September 1998
Losing Weight Is Hardest for Those Who Want It Most, October 1998
Adopting Health Nutrition Habits Works Best With Family, Co-Worker Support, November 1998
Putting Health Back Into Worksite Health Promotion, November 1998
How To Incorporate Body Image and Self-Esteem Programming "To Reach the Masses", November 1998
Newly Married Couples May Be Good Focus for Physical Fitness Programs, December 1998

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation Interventions Get Boost From $3 Million Foundation Program, February 1998
Five Effective Strategies To Identify and Treat Tobacco Users, March 1998
Wellness Quick Stats...on Smoking Cessation, March 1998
Smokers Need To Be Advised of the Likelihood of Their Children Picking up the Habit, August 1998
Smoking Cessation Market Expected To Grow Remarkably Over the Next Decade, August 1998
Smoking Cessation Programs Prove To Be Good Investment, November 1998
Minnesota Health Plan Funds Smoking Cessation Contest, December 1998

Spotlight on Wellness

Multi-State Hospital System Adopts Prevention and Wellness Strategy, Thinks "Outside Acute Care Box," March 1998
Partnership Yields Formula for Effective Disease Management, March 1998
How a Fitness Center Survived a One-Year Shutdown, April 1998
University Program Promotes Employee Wellness, Performs Well in Healthy People 2000 Comparisons, April 1998
New Institute To Analyze Link Between Health Promotion and Worker Productivity, April 1998
Behavioral Healthcare Options, March 1998
Award-Winning, Integrated Wellness Program Helps City Save $7 Million, September 1998, Management Clinic Insert
Employee Health Improvement Partnership Aims To Boost Health, December 1998
New Fitness Club To Meet Unmet Needs of Seniors, Generate New Revenue Stream, December 1998

Stress Management

Time Is Ripe for Stress Management Programs, May 1998
Fall Is the Right Time for Stress Management, November 1998

Trends in Wellness and Health Promotion

What Wellness Professionals Can Expect in the Coming Year, January 1998
Study Results Foretell Prevention Opportunities for Managed Care Organizations, January 1998
Congress Urged To Tackle Causes of Preventable Deaths, March 1998
Healthy People 2010 Proposals To Be Crafted Further, April 1998
Worksite Fitness Programs Identified as Important Step in Cancer Prevention, April 1998
Room for Improvement Found in Wellness Programs' Use of Evaluation Methods, May 1998
New Grant Funding Focuses on Creating Healthy Workplaces, May 1998
Employee Motivation, Program Funding Top List of Wellness Program Obstacles, June 1998
Healthy Lifestyles Are Shown To Prolong Life, Delay Illness and Disability, June 1998
Health Screenings and Fitness Programs Remain Top Wellness Program Services, June 1998
Rapid Growth in Wellness, Prevention Coverage in Managed Care Marketplace, July 1998
Feds Unveil Weight Guidelines in Wake of Alarming Report on Cost of Obesity; Women Affected Most, July 1998
Demand Management and Disease Management Program Growth Is Tremendous, July 1998
Health Promotion Pushed in Medicare Reform Efforts, August 1998
Americans Consider Themselves at Healthy Weight; NIH Guidelines Say Otherwise, August 1998
Wellness Professionals Gain Exciting New Online Resource, September 1998
Study Explores Obesity Management With Behavior Change Strategy, September 1998
Groundbreaking Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Center Gets Research Effort Under Way, October 1998
Premier Web Site To Add Showcase for Wellness and Health Promotion Vendors, October 1998
Predicted Wellness and Health Promotion Trends Come To Pass This Year, December 1998
Now Wellness, Health Promotion Professionals Can Get Questions Answered in Online Community, December 1998

Wellness Quick Stats

...on Smoking Cessation, March 1998
...on Colorectal Cancer, April 1998
...on Repetitive Motion Injuries, May 1998
...on Low Back Pain, October 199

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