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1998 Index

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Keeping up With Accreditation, April 1998, First Issue
New Standards Will Change Accreditation Process, April 1998, Second Issue
Accreditation Organizations Form New Group To Combine Efforts, June 1998, First Issue
NCQA Accreditation '99: Quality Redefined and Performance Data Simplified, August 1998, Second Issue
Accreditation Standards for Telephone Triage Released, October 1998, First Issue
Most Employers Not Considering NCQA Accreditation and HEDIS Data, October 1998, Second Issue

Disease Management

Specialty Services Network Attacks Coronary Disease, January 1998, First Issue
NYCare Finds Success with New Disease Management Program, January 1998, First Issue
Formula for Effective Disease Management Programs, February 1998, First Issue
Pharmacy Level DM Program Nets 25.4 Percent In Savings for CIGNA, June 1998, First Issue
Disease Management Company Expands Managed Care Services, June 1998, First Issue
Diabetes Management Program Reduces Medical Costs and Improves Health Status, August 1998, Second Issue
Innovative Program Attacks Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases, October 1998, First Issue
Nationwide Effort To Control Diabetes Underway, November 1998, Second Issue
Programs Successfully Target Congestive Heart Failure, December 1998, First Issue

Enrollment Trends

Unexpected Surge in Managed Care Enrollment Holds National Cost Increase to 0.2 Percent in 1997, February 1998, First Issue
California Leads Nation in Managed Care Enrollment, September 1998, Second Issue

Information Systems/Information Technology

Survey Examines Medical Management and Data Analysis Opinions, March 1998, First Issue
To Develop Your IS, Target Data To Gather and Choose Necessary Technology, March 1998, First Issue
Integrating UM and Clinical Decision Support Boosts Effectiveness and Staff Productivity, May 1998, First Issue
Successful MCOs Will Learn To Use Client/Server Techology, May 1998, Second Issue
Reporting HEDIS 3.0 Medicare Measures Begins With Planning, May 1998, Second Issue
Technology Fuels the Growth of Patient Education, June 1998, First Issue
Aetna U.S. Healthcare Moves Toward Paperless Claims Processing and Referrals, August 1998, First Issue
Healthcare Organizations Need To Plan for Disaster Recovery, October 1998, First Issue
Reporting HEDIS-Health Plans Face Information System Problems, October 1998, Second Issue

International Developments in Managed Care

Aetna Getting Into Global Markets, January 1998, First Issue
Examination of International Market Indicates a Place for Day Surgery Centers, March 1998, Second Issue

Legislation/Regulations Affecting Managed Care

Fraud and Abuse Just One Area To Receive Strict Monitoring in Near Future, February 1998, Second Issue
Medicare+Choice Adds More Choices for Enrollees and Fuels Competition Among Health Plans, July 1998, Second Issue
HHS Proposal Targets Security of Electronic Health Data, September 1998, First Issue
State Regulated MCOs To Be Affected by Proactive Ohio Law, November 1998, First Issue
Government Targets Restrictions on Emergency Care, December 1998, Second Issue

Making Managed Care Work

Caring for Healthcare's Majority-Addressing Women's Needs, January 1998, First Issue
Self-Care Guide Brings About Cost Reductions, January 1998, First Issue
Unhealthy Revenues Make for an Unhappy New Year, January 1998, First Issue
Second Humana Service Promise Provides Round-the-Clock Assistance, January 1998, Second Issue
Taking Control of Managed Care Risks and Liabilities, February 1998, First Issue
United Healthcare Revamps Pharmacy Benefit, February 1998, Second Issue
Why More MCO Physicians Need To Join Medical Societies, February 1998, Second Issue
Evaluate Provider Relationships and Create Shared Goals for Successful Provider Networks, February 1998, Second Issue
New York Plans Work To Improve Managed Care Image, March 1998, Second Issue
Medicaid Misperceptions: What Can Be Done To Change Them?, April 1998, Second Issue
New Test Promises To Reduce Costs and Unnecessary Referrals, April 1998, Second Issue
MCOs Can Build Chiropractic Networks Faster, April 1998, Second Issue
Innovative Program Promises to Reduce Preventable Injuries, May 1998, First Issue
Physician Satisfaction Just as Important as Consumer Satisfaction, June 1998, First Issue
Sachs Offers Healthcare Consumer Research, June 1998, First Issue
How To Integrate Successfully for the 21st Century Part I, June 1998, Second Issue
How To Integrate Successfully for the 21st Century Part 2
How To Integrate Successfully for the 21st Century Part 3, July 1998, Second Issue
Blending PPO Flexibility With HMO Cost Controls Proves Beneficial, July 1998, First Issue
CNA Offers Strategic Advice To Deal With Liability Issues, August 1998, First Issue
Understanding Liability Issues: A Strategic Necessity for MCOs, August 1998, Second Issue
Anthem BCBS Targets Women's Health Issues, August 1998, Second Issue
How To Increase Retention, Loyalty, September 1998, First Issue
Successful HMOs Focusing on Infrastructure and Back Office Operations, November 1998, First Issue
Satisfaction Strategies: Consumers Given the Power To Refer Themselves to Specialists, November 1998, First Issue
Blue Shield of California Offers Free Online Healthcare Services, November 1998, Second Issue
"Feelin' Good" Ad Campaign Focuses on Customer Service and Positive Attitudes, December 1998, First Issue

Managed Care Competition

Consumer Survey Offers Valuable Marketing Information to Healthcare Organizations, February 1998, Second Issue
New Report Identifies Emerging Medicare Risk Enrollment Markets, April 1998, Second Issue
Employers Set Up Healthcare Quality in Private Market, May 1998, First Issue
Sachs Identifies Nation's Top HMOs, May 1998, Sachs
United Healthcare To Acquire Humana - Company To Realize $27 Billion in Annual Revenues, June 1998, Second Issue
New Name Will Help New Jersey Insurer Create Brand Identity, November 1998, First Issue
Structural Problems Hinder Growth of Medicare+Choice, December 1998, First Issue


The Implications of Medicare Reform on the Healthcare Market, February 1998, Second Issue
Manage Care and Reduce Utilization To Succeedin Medicare, May 1998, Second Issue
Studies Show Medicare Risk Growth Trends and Identify TopMedicare Risk HMOs, October 1998, First Issue
Termination of Medicare Trends Contracts Caused by Uneven, Unrealistic Reimbursement Rates, October 1998, Second Issue
Medicaid Managed Care Struggles To Address the Needs of the Disabled, October 1998, Second Issue
Dispelling the Myths About Chronically Ill Medicare HMO Members, November 1998, First Issue
Comprehensive Analysis of Medicare Risk Non-Renewals, November 1998, Second Issue
Strategies To Demonstrate Your Ability To Manage Seniors' Needs, November 1998, Second Issue
Reasons for Slow Growth in Rural Managed Medicaid, December 1998, Second Issue

Member Retention

How To Keep Your Customers Happy, January 1998, Second Issue
Avoid Medicare Managed Care Disenrollment Through Collaborative Effort, February 1998, First Issue
Three Reasons Cited for Managed Medicare Disenrollment, March 1998, First Issue
Managed Medicare Member Retention Affects More Than Balance Sheets, March 1998, Second Issue
Strategies To Retain Your Managed Medicare Memebers, April 1998, First Issue

Profitability Issues

Cost Still Ranks as Top Concern Among Employers, Six Industry Insider, January 1998, First Issue
Top 10 Ways To Improve Profits This Year, January 1998, Second Issue
The Lean Years Are Over - Financial Cycle Shows Profitability Returning to HMOs, April 1998, Second Issue

Quality Improvements

Government -Appointed Taske Force Suggests Improvements, January 1998, First Issue
Movement to Value-Based Purchasing Hindered by Six Obstacles, April 1998, First Issue
AHCPR Targets Health Outcomes and Quality, April 1998, Second Issue
Understanding the Difference Between a Customer and a Patient Is Key to Better Service, April 1998, Second Issue
HealthLink America Measures Patient Satisfaction, May 1998, Second Issue
In-Depth Compliance Information Available Via the Internet, June 1998, Second Issue
AAHP Identifies Innovative Health Programs - Harvard Pilgrim Earns Top Honors, August 1998, First Issue
CIGNA HealthCare Improves Care for Women: Program To Cover Cancer Screenings, September 1998, Second Issue
Providing Requested Medications: One Way To Maintain Satisfaction, October 1998, Second Issue

Trends in Managed Care

Managed Care Experiences Six Stages, Says Industry Expert, January 1998, First Issue
Improve Healthcare Services Break Physician-Patient Communication Barriers, January 1998, Second Issue
PruCare Addresses Problems in Texas, January 1998, Second Issue
Consumers Want To Resolve the Lack of Infertility Coverage, February 1998, Second Issue
Taking a Look at Healthcare: The Employer Perspective, March 1998, First Issue
Physicians Working To Improve Patient Relationships, March 1998, Second Issue
Employers Improving Healthcare Through Value-Based Purchasing, March 1998, Second Issue
Study Highlights Safety Net Plans in Era of Managed Care, April 1998, First Issue
Movement to Value-Based Purchasing Hindered by Six Obstacles, April 1998, First Issue
Health Plan Report Cards Are Not Helping Customers, May 1998, First Issue
Study Examines HMO Customer Satisfaction Levels, May 1998, First Issue
Rising Premiums Are Not the Only Concern on the Healthcare Horizon, May 1998, Second Issue
Looking Ahead: Future Trends in Managed Care, May 1998, Second Issue
Study Points Out Regional Differences in Cost, Quality and Satisfaction Among HMOs, June 1998, First Issue
Survey Shows Consumers' Perceptions of Healthcare System, June 1998, First Issue
Disenrollment Rates for Medicare HMOs Exceeded 20 Percent in 1996, June 1998, Second Issue
Chiropractic Services Gaining Acceptance in Managed Care, June 1998, Second Issue
Managed Care Sector Sees Adjusted Earnings Drop 6.1 Percent During First Quarter, July 1998, First Issue
New Study Shows Severe Decline in Behavioral Healthcare Benefits, July 1998, First Issue
Consumer and Buyer Forces Are Refocusing the Managed Care Delivery System, July 1998
HMO Complaints and Appeals Procedures Need Improvement, July 1998, Second Issue
Provider Reluctance To Negotiate Will Cause Medical Inflation Rate To Reach Double Digits in 1998, August 1998, First Issue
The Coming Rebirth of Managed Care, August 1998, First Issue
Two Out of Three AAHP Members in Compliance With Patient-Centered Principles, August 1998, Second Issue
Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions at Record High Levels, August 1998, Second Issue
Report Analyzes HMO Penetration Levels by Metropolitan Market Size, August 1998, Second Issue
Prescription Drug Prices Rising, Fortunately Increase Is Less Than Expected, August 1998, Second Issue
Second Quarter Earnings Down for Managed Care Industry, September 1998, Second Issue
Majority of HMO Members Still Reporting Overall Satisfaction, September 1998, Second Issue
Premium Increases Less than Expected - HMOs Quite Often the Least Expensive Option, September 1998, Second Issue
New Hires Expected To Increase in Healthcare Industry, September 1998, Second Issue
Study Shows Effects of Managed Care Growth on the Hospital Community, September 1998, Second Issue
Healthcare Expenditures Rising: 10 Year Prediction Calls for Twice as Much Spending, October 1998, First Issue
California Study Identifies Consumer Concerns With Managed Care, October 1998, Second Issue
Managed Care Success Stories Aim To Improve Public Opinion, November 1998, Second Issue
Survey Compares Trends in Satisfaction and Identifies Top HMOs, November 1998, Second Issue
Year-End Recap Shows Consumers' Needs Drove Managed Care Improvements - As Was Expected, December 1998, First Issue
Consolidation Helping HMOs Return to Profitability, December 1998, First Issue
Quarterly Analysis Shows HMOs Generally Performing Better Than Last Year, December 1998, First Issue
Year-End Recap Shows Continued Focus on Customer Service, December 1998, Second Issue
New Rise in Healthcare Costs Puts Direct Contracting Back on the Table, December 1998, Second
Chiropractic Benefits More Likely in Rural MCOs, December 1998, Second Issue
Managed care Plays Vital Role in Behavioral Health, December 1998, Second Issue

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