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Healthcare Marketing Costs

Healthcare Spending Rise Reaches Record Low, March 1998
The Seven Biggest Waste Areas of Hospital Marketing and How To Overcome Them, September 1998

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

How To Compete in the Eldercare Market, March 1998
How To Market Senior Services, May 1998
Blues Plan To Create a Brand Identity, October 1998
New Resource Presents Practical Strategies for Medicare Managed Care Plans and Providers, October 1998
How To Build a Brand in Healthcare, November 1998
The New Healthcare Consumer: Six Ways To Capture and Keep Her Attention, December 1998

Healthcare Marketing Trends

Consumers Have More To Say in Healthcare Decisions, April 1998
Name Change Reflects Expanding Role of Marketers in Healthcare, June 1998
California's Environment Provides Crystal Ball to What's Ahead in Healthcare, June 1998
Survey Shows Consumers' Perceptions of Healthcare System, July 1998
How the "New Consumers" and Competition Will Change the Healthcare System, August 1998
DTC Advertising Predicted To Rise 50 Percent, July 1998
Hospitals Open Adult Day Centers To Protect Revenue Streams, July 1998
Despite Bad Publicity, Hospitals Score Higher on Patient Satisfaction, October 1998
Changing Roles in Healthcare Depict the Trends That Are Coming To Realization, December 1998
Hospital Advertising Budgets, Branding Campaigns on the Rise, December 1998

Healthcare Public Relations and Advertising

"Feelin' Good" Ad Campaign Focuses on Customer Service, Positive Attitudes, December 1998

Innovative Programs

Multi-State Hospital System Adopts Prevention and Wellness Strategy, Thinks "Outside Acute Care Box," June 1998
MCO Launches Program To Improve Pregnancy Outcomes, September 1998
Attention to Small Details May Help You Improve Services, October 1998

Looking Ahead in Healthcare

What's Ahead for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations in 1998, January 1998
Industry Expert Predicts Transitions, Transactions and Transformations in Next Century, February 1998
When To "Go PSO" and How the BBA Will Influence Your Choices, May 1998

Managed Care Marketinge

Marketing Strategies for a Managed Care World, January 1998
Managed Care Markets Improve Hospital Profitability, January 1998
Top Tips To Improve Your Yellow Pages Advertising, January 1998
To Deliver Your Messages to Consumers, the Media Should Be an Integral Part of Your Plans, February 1998
How You Should Respond to the Later Stages of Managed Care, March 1998
How To Create A Competitive Marketing Plan as a PSO, June 1998
15 Tips To Improve Medicare Managed Care Retention and Loyalty, July 1998
How Managed Care Market Stages Should Impact Marketing Efforts for Hospice Services, July 1998

Managed Care Market Trends

Areas of Low Managed Care Are Catching Up, January 1998
Primary Care Physician Gatekeeping Arrangements Remain a Pervasive Feature of Health Insurance, March 1998
Managed Care in Small Firms Approaches Similar Enrollment Level in Large Firms, April 1998
Disenrollment Rates for Medicare HMOs Exceeded 20 Percent in 1996, July 1998
Medicaid-Dominated HMOs Attain 48 Percent of Market Share, July 1998
You Should Include Behavioral Health Services in Your IDS, July 1998
HMO Penetration Highest in Large Markets, but Smaller Markets Are Growing Faster, July 1998
Managed Care Plans Exit Medicare Market, Cite Inadequate Reimbursement, November 1998
New Rise in Healthcare Costs Puts Direct Contracting Back on the Table, November 1998
Study Shows Effects of Managed Care Growth on the Hospital Community, November 1998
Expect Growth of PPOs To Continue, December 1998
Healthcare Expenditures Rising: 10 Year Prediction Calls for Twice as Much Spending, December 1998

Management Measures

Healthcare Organizations Must Transform for Success, January 1998
Chicago Area VA Medical Centers Consolidate Management, January 1998
Help for Tracking the Shifting Provider Landscape, January 1998
How To Use Your CEO as the Chief Communications Officer, February 1998
How You Should Respond to the First Three Stages of Managed Care, February 1998
Four Proven Ways To Guarantee Member Satisfaction, February 1998
How To Integrate Successfully for the 21st Century, March 1998
Three Strategies To Help You Integrate Successfully, April 1998
Guide Will Help You Target Families in Marketing Efforts, May 1998
The Final Four Strategies for Successful Integration, May 1998
Managed Care Yearbook Offers Critical Information, June 1998
Consumer Survey Offers Marketing Information to Healthcare Organizations, June 1998
How To Increase Retention, Loyalty, July 1998
Strategic Plans in Healthcare Need Improvements, July 1998
Facilitative Leadership Is Not Always the Answer, September 1998
How To Improve Employee Communications, October 1998
What You Should Do To Prepare for the New Millennium, October 1998
Strategies To Demonstrate Your Ability To Manage Seniors' Needs, November 1998
Online Directory of Managed Care Organizations To Help Market Researchers, November 1998

Technology in Healthcare Marketing

Six Tips for Designing Online Yellow Pages Advertisements, February 1998
How Healthcare Organizations Use Technology to Meet Their Clinical and Business Needs, April 1998
Hospital To Improve Services of NICU Through Telecommunications, April 1998
Market Your Healthcare Organizations Via the Internet, May 1998
How To Use a Web Site To Improve Communication With Patients and Enrollees, June 1998
Information Technology Fuels Consumerism in Healthcare, July 1998
Regional Healthcare Coalition To Create Electronic Efficiencies, Protect Privacy, July 1998

Market Strategies

Blue Care Inc., January 1998
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, January 1998
St. John Health System, January 1998
Illinois Masonic Medical Center, January 1998
Norwegian-American Hospital, January 1998
The Temple University Health System, February 1998
Neumann Medical Center, February 1998
Akron General Medical Center, February 1998
Emerald Health, February 1998
Hillcrest HealthCare, March 1998
Bristow Memorial Hospital, March 1998
SCCI, March 1998
Med-Central Health System, March 1998
St. Mary's Medical Center, April 1998
Wellborn Baptist Hospital, April 1998
HealthCare Plan, April 1998
Chautauqua Integrated Delivery System, April 1998
Brooks Memorial Hospital, April 1998
WCA Health Care System, April 1998
Affiliated Physicians Network Inc., April 1998
Cabrini Medical Center, April 1998
Quorum Health Group Inc., April 1998
Universal Health Services Inc., April 1998
Valley Hospital, April 1998
Summerlin Hospital, April 1998
Desert Springs Hospital, April 1998
American HomePatient Inc., April 1998
Peninsula Regional Medical Center, April 1998
American HomePatient of Delmarva, April 1998
Sutter Health, May 1998
Summit Medical Center, May 1998
Greenwich Hospital, May 1998
Yale New Haven Health System, May 1998
Greenwich Health Care System, May 1998
PartnerCare Inc., June 1998
Juniper Group Inc., June 1998
Jupiter Medical Center, June 1998
JFK Medical Center, June 1998
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, June 1998
Humana Inc., June 1998
FPA Medical Management Inc., June 1998
Tenet Healthcare Corp., June 1998
MedPartners Inc., June 1998
PTPN, June 1998
U.S. HealthWorks, June 1998
Center for Occupational Medicine, June 1998
Tenet Healthcare Corp., July 1998
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp., July 1998
MW Health Partner Inc., July 1998
Community Health Systems Inc., July 1998
Palm Drive Hospital, July 1998
Bentley Health Care Inc., July 1998
The Mount Sinai Medical Center, July 1998
Benedictine Health System, July 1998
Health Dimensions Inc., July 1998
York Health System, August 1998
Gettysburg Health Care Corporation, August 1998
The Department of Veterans Affairs, July 1998
Central Pennsylvania Health Services Corporation, September 1998
UPMC Health System, September 1998
North Oakland Medical Centers, October 1998
McLaren Health Care Corporation, October 1998
Bon Secours Health System, October 1998
Henry Ford Health System, October 1998
CareGroup, November 1998
Lahey Clinic, November 1998
Regence BlueShield, November 1998
Sisters of Providence Health System, November 1998
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation, December 1998
Alliant Health System, December 1998
Baptist Health, December 1998
Johnson City Medical Center Hospital, December 1998
Audubon Hospital, December 1998
Southwest Hospital, December 1998
Suburban Hospital, December 1998
Spring View Hospital, December 1998
East Montgomery Medical Center, December 1998
Montgomery Regional Medical Center, December 1998
Montgomery Surgery Center, December 1998
Four Rivers Medical Center, December 1998
Northridge Medical Center, December 1998
Johnson City Specialty Hospital, December 1998
Northside Hospital, December 1998
Northeast Tennessee Rehabilitation Hospital, December 1998
Indian Path Medical Center, December 1998
Indian Path Pavilion, December 1998
Sycamore Shoals Hospital, December 1998
Presbyterian Orthopedic Hospital, December 1998
Novant Health, December 1998

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