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Elderly/Caregiver Concerns

Caregiving Responsibilities Take a Toll on American Businesses, September 1997
Number of Retirees Covered by Employer-Sponsored Health Benefit Plans Steadily Declining, October 1997
Caregivers Not Taking Advantage of Adult Day Services, November 1997

Employee Relations and Health Benefit Issues

Wellness Programs Positively Impact the Healthcare Bottom Line, March 1997
Wellness Programs Increasingly Will Be Administrated by Trained Professionals, June 1997
Employers Seek Assurances on Behavioral Health Services, December 1997

Fund Raising for Healthcare Services

Healthcare Giving Continues To Rise, August 1997

Healthcare Industry Trends

What’s in Store: Top Trends in Health and Managed Care for 1997, February 1997
Large Scale HMO Mergers Enjoy Favorable Antitrust Climate, February 1997
Majority of For-Profit HMOs Are Organized Into Network Models, February 1997
Competition From Physician-Sponsored Networks Expected To Increase, February 1997
Capitation Gives Providers Opportunity To Increase Revenues and Profits, February 1997
Guidelines Help Plans Manage Physician Practices; Improvements Needed, February 1997
Disease Management a Major Trend, New MCIC Survey Finds, March 1997
Direct Contracting Offers Hospitals Opportunity To Compete for Market Share, April 1997
Most Healthcare Consumers Lack Confidence in the Healthcare System, April 1997
Patients Weight Interpersonal Skills of Staff When Recommending Hospitals to Others, April 1997
Prenatal, Well-Baby Programs Result in Significant Savings, April 1997
Patient Appeal Rights and Emergency Coverage Policies Advanced by AAHP, May 1997
What To Expect in the Healthcare Industry Into the 21st Century, June 1997
HMOs Are Still Growing and Expanding Into New Areas, June 1997
Healthcare Costs Believed To Be on the Rise Again, June 1997
Health Plans Struggle To Balance Cost, Quality and Service, June 1997
Trend Toward Open Panels Requires Hospitals To Achieve Brand Identity, July 1997
Nonprofit Hospitals Are Tops, VHA Study Proclaims, July 1997
More States To Be Targeted by Operation Restore Trust, July 1997
Large Scale Acquisitions Provide Opportunity To Expand Market Presence, July 1997
Healthcare Industry Mergers Likely To Decline Due to Spent Economic Forces, August 1997
Studies Uncover Growing Interest in Fitness, Health Foods, August 1997
Large Metropolitan Areas Lead Growth in HMO Enrollment; Smaller Markets Report Flat Growth, October 1997
Second Quarter 1997 Healthcare Revenues Increase 16.2 Percent; Earnings Increase 11.8 Percent, November 1997
Coverage of Alternative Medicine Is Growing, November 1997
Behavioral Health Evolution Continues; Industry Expert Forsees Further Change, November 1997
Court Decisions May Hamper Organizations; Efforts on "Without Cause" Termination of Physicians, December 1997
Consortium Formed To Address Compliance Issues, December 1997
New Program Will Prepare Physicians for Changes in IDS Governance, December 1997

Healthcare Reform

President Clinton Expected To Advance Incremental Healthcare Reform in His Second Term, March 1997
HHS Bans "Gag Laws," April 1997
Legislation Introduced in Both Houses of Congress To Create PSOs, May 1997
Senators Propose Doubling Federal Funding for Medical Research, May 1997
Information You Need Regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, June 1997
FBI Is Taking a Closer Look at Healthcare Fraud, June 1997
Proposed FY 1998 Budget Looks to Children and Preventive Programs, June 1997
Federal Guidelines Relating to the Privacy of Medical Records Are On the Horizon, July 1997
Congress Turns Its Attention to Access to Care Legislation, July 1997
State and Federal Mandates Estimated To Increase Health Insurance by 30 Percent, October 1997
Feds Address Privacy Issue for Healthcare Records, November 1997
Precedent-Setting Decision May Impact Transactions Between Nonprofits and For-Profits, December 1997

Home Care

The Future of Home Healthcare in an Integrated System, March 1997
Home Care on the Rise, March 1997
Most Medicare Expenditures for Hospice Go to Freestanding Hospices, August 1997
Home Care Agencies Are Not Allowed To Enter Medicare Program for Six Months, November 1997

Information Systems/Information Technologies

Information Management Capabilities Separates Best Practice MCOs, February 1997
Healthcare Continuum Study Shows Benefits of Integrating Information Systems, February 1997
Healthcare Electronic Information Services Gain More Acceptance, March 1997
Healthcare Information Technology Industry Expected To Double by Year 2000, April 1997
Most Watched Emerging Information Technologies Identified, April 1997
Cost-Containment of Information Tools Remains Untapped Healthcare Market, May 1997
Telemedicine Gaining Prominence in Healthcare, May 1997
Healthcare Industry Playing Catch-up With Internet as Communication Platform, June 1997
Investment in Information Technology Will Continue, June 1997
IT Budgets of Healthcare Organizations Grew by Almost 30 Percent in 1996, July 1997
Information Technology Will Manage and Drive Managed Care Evolution, July 1997
Ease of Consumer Use To Characterize Future Healthcare Technology, August 1997

Integrated Delivery Systems

Specialist Physicians Are Joining IDSs at a Record Pace, February 1997
Integrated Delivery and Financing Systems Increasing in Importance in Healthcare Marketplace, February 1997
The Collaborative Skills Needed for a Competitive Advantage in an Integrated Future, March 1997
Integration With Physicians Stimulates Hospital Growth, Survey Finds, March 1997
IDSs Likely To Be Concentrated in Metropolitan Areas Where Majority of HMO Enrollees Reside, March 1997
New Directory Profiles Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems, May 1997
North Central Region Has Greatest Number of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Networks, June 1997
For-Profit IDSs Are Growing in Number and Revenues, August 1997

Managed Healthcare

More Health and Managed Care Trends To Watch for This Year, March 1997
Managed Care May Hold the Key To Providing Services to People With Chronic Conditions, April 1997
HMO Enrollment Surpasses 59 Million; Majority of Enrollees in Metropolitan Markets, April 1997
New Directory Provides Overview of Managed and Integrated Care Organizations, April 1997
Collaborative Approach Required To Control Healthcare Costs, May 1997
Health System Changes Needed To Meet Future Demands — What You Might See, May 1997
Proposed FY 1998 Budget for HCFA Expected To Impact Managed Care, May 1997
An Assessment of the Healthcare Marketplace and Where Opportunities Exist, May 1997
Managed Behavioral Health Accreditation Program Launched, May 1997
Mental Health Parity Legislation To Be Explored, May 1997
HMO Enrollment Hits 24 Percent of Population, July 1997
MCOs Respond to Market Demands by Opening Provider Networks, July 1997
HMOs Expected To Enroll 40 Percent of Employees by 2000, August 1997
Healthcare Executives Criticize Managed Care Trends, August 1997
Consumer Demand May Force Managed Care Organizations To Choose Quality, August 1997
Providers Form Networks To Position for Managed Care, September 1997
MCOs Use Large Scale Acquisitions To Expand Market Presence, September 1997
Proposed Physician’s Fee Cuts Would Hurt Providers, September 1997
Satisfaction and Preventive Measures Gaining in Importance in HMO Evaluation, November 1997
Survey Reveals Costs and Competition as Top Concerns for HMOs and PPOs, December 1997
HCFA’s Focus Turns To Improving Quality, December 1997

Medicare and Medicaid Trends

Aetna Health Plans Will Abandon Medicare Fee-For-Service, February 1997
Expect Medicare HMO Enrollment To Double by 1999, February 1997
Some Health Systems and Medical Groups Are Well-Positioned To Contract for Medicare Enrollees, May 1997
The Changes You Can Expect From Medicare Managed Care, June 1997
Budget Agreement Will Lead to Cuts in Medicare/Medicaid Spending, July 1997
States Impose Marketing Restrictions on Medicaid Managed Care Plans, August 1997
Most Medicare Expenditures for Hospice Go to Freestanding Hospices, August 1997
Budget Agreement Extends Medicare Trust Fund, Establishes Medicare Commission, September 1997
Several Factors Influence Medicare HMO Market Penetration, September 1997
Medicaid Growth Rate Slows, But Inconsistently, September 1997
New York Medicaid Managed Care Program To Move 2.4 Million Recipients by 2000, September 1997
Nationwide Survey of Medicare HMO Members Reveals High Satisfaction Rates, September 1997, p.8
Major Growth Expected in Medicare Managed Care, But Challenges Exist, October 1997
Expect To See More Medicare Beneficiaries in Less Restrictive Managed Care Plans, October 1997
Coalition To Put Chronic Care in the Forefront of Medicare and Medicaid Reform, October 1997
Managed Medicare/Medicaid Markets Expected To Post 100 Percent Enrollment Increases by 2005, November 1997
Home Care Agencies Are Not Allowed To Enter Medicare Program for Six Months, November 1997
Medicaid To Cover Personal Care Services Delivered Outside Beneficiary’s Homes, November 1997
Feds Release Marketing Guidelines for Medicare MCOs and Contracted Providers, December 1997

Marketing Strategies

States Impose Marketing Restrictions on Medicaid Managed Care Plans, August 1997
Feds Release Marketing Guidelines for Medicare MCOs and Contracted Providers, December 1997

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