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Cost-Cutting Statistics

Employers Cite Wellness Programs as Effective Cost-Control Strategy, May 1997
Annual Reporting Is the Key To Justifying Your Wellness Program, June 1997
Essential Components of an Effective Annual Report, June 1997
Utilization Control Strategies: What They Are and How To Make Them Work for You, July 1997
Patient Education Program Has Potential 14-to-1 Return on Investment, December 1997

Empowering Consumers: Self-Care & Managing Demand

Patients Passive in Healthcare Decisions; Prudential Offers Tips To Get Needed Information, February 1997
Top 10 Ways to Healthcare Consumer Empower ment, April 1997
Consumer Empowerment Is Focus of New Wellness Program Designed by Multiple Sources, December 1997

Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Programs

Tips for Your Employees Before They Hit the Slopes, January 1997
Exercise Reduces Musculoskeletal Pain and Effects of Osteoporosis, February 1997
Strategies for Tackling the "Biggest Workplace Health Problem" Today, September 1997
Simple, Inexpensive Ergonomics Programs Can Yield Positive Returns on Investment, October 1997
Five Essential Elements for Effective Ergonomics Programs, October 1997
Not All Money Invested in Injury Prevention Programs Is Well Spent, November 1997

Management Tips

Fitness Expert Offers Advice for Staying Motivated, February 1997
Six Steps to Effective Training Sessions, August 1997
Hosting Winning Health Fairs: Keys To Getting Started, November 1997
Promoting Wellness Through an Employee Opinion Survey, November 1997
How To Secure Support From Senior Management, December 1997
How To Organize, Promote and Evaluate Your Company’s Health Fair to Benefit Employees, December 1997
Maximizing the Impact of Financial Incentive Programs, December 1997

Prenatal Care Programs

Prenatal, Well-Baby Programs Result in Significant Savings, February 1997
Five Easy Steps That Can Help Businesses Contribute to Healthy Pregnancies, August 1997

Program Planning

New Study Identifies "HealthStyles"; Results May Help You Plan Wellness Activities, January 1997
Online Assessment Can Help Wellness Participants Keep Track of Health Risks, January 1997
HRAs Need Follow-Up To Be Effective, February 1997
Mammography Screening Panel Decision Draws Fire From Health Professionals Nationwide, March 1997
Realistic Expectations Key To Maintaining Wellness Goals, March 1997
How To Encourage Healthy Eating Habits — Early, March 1997
Everyday Sounds, Rhymes Can Be Motivators in Weight Management, March 1997
Are Wellness Programs Missing the Mark? Use Appropriate Program Intensity To Meet Goals, April 1997
Specific Education Needed To Correct Myths About Breast Cancer, April 1997
Promotional Ideas for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, April 1997
Demographic and Cultural Links to Obesity Can Be Used in Program Planning, May 1997
Defining Wellness, Deciding Purpose Are First Steps in Creating Wellness Program, June 1997
Changes That Last: Tapping Your Culture’s Unconscious, June 1997
How To Take the Fear out of Exercise for Seniors, July 1997
Dietary Approach Helps Significantly Lower Blood Pressure, July 1997
Opportunities for You To Impact Individuals’ Likelihood for Physical Activity, July 1997
Tips That Will Help Your Nutrition Programs Succeed, August 1997
Need for Women’s Health Education Is Strong, August 1997
Tool Can Help Your Weight Control Participants Exercise, Eat Properly, August 1997
Researchers Identify Missed Opportunities for Improving Women’s Health Habits, September 1997
Personal Behaviors Are What Really Matter in Avoiding Cancer, September 1997
Managed Care Presents Opportunities for Collaboration on Healthier Communities, November 1997
Internal and External Resources for Your Health Fair, December 1997

Smoking Cessation

Tips That Can Help Your Employees Stop Smoking, February 1997
Why Smoking Is Becoming a Hotter Issue, April 1997
Unique Approach Empowers Smokers To Quit, April 1997
Workplace Bans Help Employees Kick Smoking Habit, May 1997
Include Telephone Counseling as Smoking Cessation Component, May 1997

Spotlight on Wellness

New Mexico Company’s Wellness Program Results in Lower Insurance Claims for Participants, January 1997
Wellness Program Entices Employees To Stay at Company, February 1997
Management Support, Program Recognition Keys to Success; Incentives Help Too, March 1997
Humana Improving Medical Care Efficiencies Through a Breast Care Program, April 1997
On-Site Rehab Program Proves To Be Boon for Fitness Center, Company Benefits Too, May 1997
Bike-To-Work Program Flourishes at Maine Outdoor Company, June 1997
Santa Rosa Employee Program Shows Prevention Is More Cost-Effective in the End, June 1997
Intensive Intervention Program Helps Heart Patients Take Charge of Changing Lifestyles, July 1997
Award-Winning Wellness Program Focuses on Business, August 1997
Health Promotion Initiatives Get $9 Million Boost From California Funder, September 1997
Access to Preventive Health Programs Expanded Beyond Network, December 1997

Stress Management

How To Beat Stress, April 1997
Internal Stress From Long Work Hours Can Result From "Positional Effect," September 1997

Trends in Wellness and Health Promotion

What’s in Store: Top Trends in the Wellness Program Management Field in 1997, January 1997
Study Has Important Implications for Heart Disease Prevention Efforts, March 1997
Why Ski Machines May Still Be a Good Fit for Your Fitness Program, March 1997
Programs’ Impact on Organizational Goals Has Implications for Wellness Professionals’ Training, May 1997
Senior Citizens Represent Growth Market for Fitness Industry, July 1997
Studies Uncover Growing Interest in Fitness, Health Foods, July 1997
Nonprofit Hospitals’ Creation of Tax Exempt Fitness Clubs Faces Challenge by Industry, August 1997
Pervasive Anti-Diet Sentiment Underscores Need for Aggressive Education, August 1997
Billions of Dollars in Health Costs Due to Risky Behavior, September 1997
Overwhelming Majority of Wellness Programs Tap Outside Consultants’, Vendors’ Expertise, October 1997
New Directions in Wellness Education May Call for New Training Skills, October 1997
Healthy People 2010 Development Under Way; Corporate Involvement Wanted, October 1997
DOD Expands Access to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services, October 1997
Major Obstacles You’ll Be Facing in 1998, November 1997
Marketing Guidelines for Medicare Managed Care Target Health Fairs, Health Promotion Events, November 1997
Coverage of Alternative Medicine Is Growing, November 1997
Preventive Care Services Recognized as Important to HMO Performance, November 1997
Pharmacies Expanding Services To Include Health Promotion, December 1997

Wellness Quick Stats

...on Diabetes, January 1997
...on Smoking, February 1997
...on Cardiovascular Health, March 1997
...on Teenage Smoking, April 1997
...on Obesity, May 1997
...on Sleeping Disorders, August 1997
...on Cumulative Trauma Disorders, September 1997
...on Musculoskeletal Disorders, October 1997

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