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The Executive Report on Managed Care
1997 Index

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Essential Elements for the NCQA Accreditation Process, May 1997
New Accreditation Standards Available for PPOs, May 1997
NCQA Develops Physician Organizations’ Standards To Streamline MCO Accreditation, May 1997
Proven Strategies for NCQA Accreditation, July 1997

Enrollment Trends in Managed Care

Majority of HMO Enrollees Comprised of Metropolitan Area Residents, February 1997
Dental Managed Care Enrollment Increases to 45 Percent of Population, February 1997
HMOs Are Still Growing and Expanding Into New Areas, May 1997
HMO Enrollment Hits 24 Percent of Population, June 1997
HMOs Expected to Enroll 40 Percent of Employees by 2000, July 1997
Large Metropolitan Areas Lead Growth in HMO Enrollment; Smaller Markets Report Flat Growth, August 1997
HMO Enrollment Soars in Colorado, While Profits Disappear, September 1997
HMO Enrollment Increases Despite Consumer Pressure for Quality of Care, December 1997
Areas of Low Managed Care Are Catching Up, December 1997

Information Systems/Information Technology

Healthcare Industry Embraces Technology, January 1997
New Study Profiles Managed Care MIS Executives, February 1997
Healthcare Organizations Will Need To Devote More Resources To IT To Be Successful, March 1997
NCQA Report Lists Improvements for Information Systems, April 1997
Information Technology Can Manage and Drive Managed Care Evolution, June 1997
AHCPR To Develop Internet Access to Clinical Practice Guidelines, June 1997
Managed Care Organizations Seek Help in Advancing Internet Technologies, September 1997
Majority of MCOs Report Increased IS/IT Budgets, September 1997
Developing and Implementing Provider and Practice Support Tools, October 1997
Oxford’s Information Systems Leads to Third Quarter Loss, November 1997
PSE&G Delivers Benefits Information Via the Internet, November 1997
Aetna Begins Online Enrollment, December 1997

International Managed Care

U.S.-Based MCOs Seeking Future Growth Opportunities Will Need To Turn to Foreign Markets, January 1997
United HealthCare Takes Advantage of New Markets Opening Across the World, February 1997
International Managed Care Markets: Where the Action Is, February 1997
Kaiser Permanente Develops Subsidiary To Meet Needs of International Clients, February 1997
BlueCard Worldwide Provides BCBS Healthcare Access at International Destinations, July 1997
Minefields To Avoid When Working in International Markets, July 1997
Develop Your Own Niche To Succeed Internationally, October 1997
Politics Internationalization of Managed Care, November 1997

Legislation/Regulations Affecting Managed Care

State Legislators Seek Universal Managed Care Standards, March 1997
Proposed FY 1998 Budget for HCFA Expected To Impact Managed Care, March 1997
HCFA Bans Limitations on Mastectomy Length of Stay, March 1997
Steps to Comply With the PIP Regulation, May 1997
Consumer Protection Regulations Issued for New Jersey HMOs, May 1997
How To Provide Enrollees With the PIP Information They Request, June 1997
How To Select a Survey Instrument To Comply With the PIP Regulation, June 1997
Aetna Files Suit To Block Texas Legislation That Makes Entities Liable in Malpractice Suits, July 1997
Minnesota Passes Legislation To Prohibit Gag Clauses, July 1997
HCFA’s Marketing Guidelines Cover Enrollment, Notifications and "Use and File" System, October 1997
New Statewide Department May Oversee Managed Care in California, November 1997

Making Managed Care Work

AAHP Looks To Improve Communication Between Health Plans and Consumers, February 1997
United HealthCare Launches Rural Healthcare Initiative, February 1997
Innovative Managed Care Mental Health Program Saves Money and Raises Level of Care, February 1997
Patient Appeal Rights and Emergency Coverage Policies Advanced by AAHP, April 1997
Member Lives Required for Optimum Risk Accep tance, April 1997
Humana Is Improving Medical Care Efficiencies Through a Breast Care Program, April 1997
Diabetes Management Program Improves Compliance Outcomes, April 1997
Next Generation, Consumer-Friendly Health Plan Launched by Oxford Health, April 1997
New Program To Manage Congestive Heart Failure Patients, May 1997
Three Strategies for Managing Critical Challenges of Managed Care, June 1997
MCOs Respond to Market Demands by Opening Provider Networks, June 1997
Trend Toward Open Panels Requires Hospitals To Achieve Brand Identity, June 1997
MCOs: Overcoming the Disease Management Obstacle, June 1997
Humana Physician Forums Feature Open Dialogue Problem-Solving Strategy, July 1997
Increasing Access to Specialty Care Aim of California Healthcare Partnership, July 1997
One-To-One Marketing Helps Healthcare Organiza tions Gain "Share of Customer," August 1997
How To Successfully Evaluate and Choose a Health Plan, August 1997
How To Achieve Profitability by Retaining Members, August 1997
Case Study: The Rouse Company Uses "Best of Market" Strategy, August 1997
Managed Healthcare Company Strives for Better Service, August 1997
Oxford Improves Service Performance, Paying Interest on Delinquent Claims, August 1997
Innovative Managed Healthcare Approaches Empha size Group Patient Care; Provider Collaboration, September 1997
Price, Satisfaction Have Biggest Impact on Member Retention: Steps You Can Take To Minimize the Loss, September 1997
Shifting Roles of Health Plans and Providers Demand Improved Resource Allocation, September 1997

Managed Care Compensation

Pay Levels Do Not Separate Top Performing Man aged Care Sales Reps, January 1997
Physician Compensation Plans for Changing Markets, January 1997
IRS To Scrutinize Pay Levels for Executives at Tax-Exempt Organizations, January 1997
Average Salaries Rise 15 Percent for Managed Care Executives, May 1997
Managed Care Executives Employed by PPOs Report Highest Average 1996 Salary, June 1997
MCOs Are Taking an Aggressive Approach to Com pensation, July 1997
Managed Care Executives Report Generous Benefits Packages, August 1997


HCFA Takes Another Look at Medicare Managed Care Appeals Process, January 1997
How To Succeed in the Medicare Managed Care Market, January 1997
HCFA Will Require Performance Data From Medicare Risk and Cost Contractors, January 1997
HCFA Bans Communication Contract Limitations Between Physicians and Managed Medicare Beneficiaries, January 1997
Florida, California and New York Lead the Nation in Medicare Risk HMO Enrollment, February 1997
Best Medicare/Medicaid Practices Identified by HCFA, February 1997
Enrollment Begins in Medicare Choices Demonstra tion Project, February 1997
Preparing for a HCFA Visit for Medicare Risk After the Initial Contract, March 1997
Medicare Risk Advice Available Through Bulletin Board Service, March 1997
California HMOs Enroll More Than 31 Percent of Total Medicare Risk Enrollees, March 1997
Medicare Risk Check List for a HCFA Visit, March 1997
States Do Not Uniformly Specify Standards for Medicaid Managed Care Contracts, March 1997
HCFA Expands Choices Demo Project to Three More Health Plans, March 1997
Medicare Risk Sees Largest Number of Members Added in Pennsylvania in Month-Over-Month Comparison, April 1997
Close Scrutiny Given to Medicare Beneficiaries’ Ability To Switch Health Plans Monthly, April 1997
Medicaid Managed Care: Criteria for Success, May 1997
Intergroup Develops Medicare Risk Member Retention Strategy, May 1997
States Impose Marketing Restrictions on Medicaid Managed Care Plans, July 1997
Several Factors Influence Medicare HMO Market Penetration, July 1997
HCFA Approves Largest-Ever Medicaid Waiver for New York, August 1997
Nationwide Survey of Medicare HMO Members Reveals High Satisfaction Rates, August 1997
Major Growth Expected in Medicare Managed Care But Challenges Exist, September 1997
Medicaid HMO Will Implement Care Coordination Team for Long-Term Care, September 1997
Health Plans Issued Guidance on Medicare Managed Care Marketing, October 1997
New Report Details Implications of Medicare Risk Contracting, December 1997
Medicare Risk Contractors — Prepare for the Bal anced Budget Act of 1997

Quality Improvement

Managed Care Success Requires Provider Participa tion in Quality Improvement Process, January 1997
Comparative Quality Information Available on Health Plans, March 1997
HMO Performance Standards Enhancement Released by National Employer, April 1997
HEDIS Reporting To Follow New Audit Standards, May 1997
Health Plans Struggle To Balance Cost, Quality and Service, May 1997
AHCPR Develops Evidence-based Practice Centers To Improve Healthcare Quality, July 1997
PacifiCare of Florida Fined by Florida Healthcare Agency for Quality of Care Violations, July 1997
HCFA’s Focus Turns To Improving Quality, November 1997
Use Outcomes Measurement for Clinical Quality Improvement, November 1997
$7 Million To Fund Research of Quality of Chronic Disease Managed Care, November 1997
What Your Providers Want From Quality Indicators, December 1997

Trends in Managed Care

Direct Contracting Offers Hospitals Opportunity To Compete for Market Share, January 1997
Managed Care Penetrates Auto Insurance Market place, February 1997
Market Shifts Create Growth Opportunities in Man aged Care Contracting, February 1997
Managed Care Executives Select Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies, March 1997
Health Plan Cost Efficiency Differs Dramatically From Plan to Plan, March 1997
Managed Care Lessons Being Adopted Elsewhere, March 1997
Health Plans in California Fined for Non-Compliance to Complaint Procedure, March 1997
PBMs Help Control Prescription Drug Costs, April 1997
Electronic Directory of MCOs Released, April 1997
Healthcare Industry Mergers Likely To Decline Due to Spent Economic Forces, April 1997
Kaiser Proposes Partnership With Labor Union, May 1997
Pfizer Health Selects Partner for New HEDIS Member Survey, May 1997
HCFA Recommends Increased Scrutiny of PBMs, June 1997
Eighty California HMOs Fined for Failure To Comply With Disclosure Notification, June 1997
Managed Care Backlash Forces MCO To Discontinue Policy Intended To Shorten Hospital LOS, July 1997
Company Financial Performance Has Most Impact on Executive Reviews, July 1997
Joint Commission Develops Performance Measures for Health Plans and Networks, July 1997
Insurance Coverage Offers Protection for Entities Now Held Liable for Malpractice in Texas, July 1997
PacifiCare’s Acquisition of FHP Results in Substan tially Reduced Earnings, August 1997
Most American Workers Have Access to Health Plans With Ability To Go out of Network, August 1997
DoD To Test Wraparound Mental Health Services With Care Management in Demo Project, August 1997
Two Groups Collaborate on Care and Service, August 1997
Balanced Budget Agreement Provides Market Oppor tunities for PPOs and PSOs, August 1997
New NCQA Initiatives Further Data Collection and Development Activities, August 1997
Risk-Sharing Arrangements Leave Hospitals With Largest Share of Insurance Premium, September 1997
Operationalizing Disease Management, October 1997
Coverage of Alternative Medicine Is Growing, October 1997
Two Key Dimensions of HMO Performance, October 1997
TRICARE’s Expected Savings Unrealistic Due to Complexities of Resource Sharing Program, October 1997
Physician and Hospital Demonstration To Increase Healthcare Efficiency, October 1997
Health Plans in Midwest Agree To Cover Patient Care Costs of NCI Cooperative Group-Sponsored Clinical Trials, October 1997
Growth of Managed Care Helps Mid-Sized Employers Cut Health Benefit Costs, October 1997
Partnership Between Corporation, Health Plan and Doctor’s Group Seeks To Improve System, October 1997
Survey Reveals Costs and Competition as Top Concerns for HMOs and PPOs, November 1997
HMOs and Patient Advocates Develop 18 Principles for Managed Care Companies, November 1997
Four Proven Ways To Guarantee Member Satisfac tion, November 1997
National Experts Are Now Handling Medica’s Appeals, November 1997
New Health Plan Model Is Attracting Leading Physicians, November 1997
Three-Part Strategy Attracts Ethnic Population, Says Industry Insider, November 1997
How To Achieve Successful Outcomes With Your Disease Management Program, November 1997
United Healthcare Institutes Program To Compare Physician Best Practices, November 1997
NCQA Accreditation Now Available for New Plans, November 1997
Confidentiality of Patient Information Presented to Senate, November 1997
HMO Member Satisfaction Ranks Higher Than POS Satisfaction, November 1997
Healthcare Organizations Must Transform for Suc cess, December 1997
Managed Care Markets Improve Hospital Profitability, December 1997
Phone Calls Increase Positive Outcomes for Asthma Patients, December 1997
New CHF Management Program Results in 60 Percent Decrease in Humana Hospital Admissions, December 1997
Managed Care Experiences Six Stages, Says Industry Expert, December 1997
HMOs Are Not Rushing Patients Out of Hospitals, December 1997
Aetna’s Physician Contract Under Scrutiny, December 1997
Changing Physicians Made Easy, December 1997

Worker’s Compensation Managed Care

Workers’ Comp Program Offers Crisis Response To Better Manage Workplace Violence, Trauma, January 1997
Quality of Service Rated Number One Workers’ Compensation Selection Criteria, April 1997

Managed Care Market News

Access Health, 1997
Access Health Inc./Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, 1997
Accordant Health Services Inc., 1997
Advance Paradigm Inc., 1997
Advantage Health, 1997
Aetna Health Plans of California Inc., 1997
Aetna Health Plans of California Inc. - San Diego, 1997
Aetna Health Plans of California Inc. - South, 1997
Aetna Health Plans of the Midwest, 1997
Aetna U.S. Healthcare, 1997
Alignis Inc., 1997
Allegheny County Commissioners, 1997
Alliance Blue Cross Blue Shield, 1997
Alpha Health Care, 1997
Alpha Health Network, 1997
Altern_re of Oregon, 1997
American Association of Retired Persons, 1997
American Chiropractic Network, 1997
American Geriatric Society, 1997
American Healthcorp Inc., 1997
American Specialty Health Plans, 1997
AmeriHealth HMO Inc., 1997
Anaheim Memorial, 1997
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 1997
Anthem Casualty Insurance Company, 1997
Anthem Inc., 1997
Applied HealthCare Informatics Inc., 1997
Avanti Health Systems of Texas Inc., 1997
AvMed Health Plan, 1997
Bassett Healthcare, 1997
Baxter Healthcare Corporation, 1997
Berkley Care Network, 1997
Birman Managed Care Inc., 1997
BJC Health System, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc., 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, March 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Utah, 1997
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, 1997
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, 1997
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York, 1997
Blue Cross of California, 1997
Blue Cross of Idaho, 1997
Blue Preferred Plus, 1997
Blue Shield of Northeastern New York-New York Care Plus Insurance Company, 1997
California Advantage, 1997
Cambridge Health Economics Group, 1997
Care3 Inc., 1997
CareAmerica Health Plans, 1997
CareAmerica Michigan, 1997
CareWise Inc., 1997
Carolina Health System, 1997
CCI, 1997
CCN, 1997
CHC Acquisition Corporation, 1997
Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 1997
Children’s Memorial Hospital, 1997
ChiroNet Inc., 1997
ChoiceCare Corporation, 1997
CIGNA Corporation, 1997
CIGNA HealthCare, 1997
CIGNA International, 1997
City of Bayonne, 19997
CMG Health Inc., 1997
CNR Health Inc., 1997
Columbia Davis Community Hospital, 1997
Columbia Heritage Hospital, 1997
Columbia Highsmith Rainey, 1997
Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, 1997
Community Care Network Inc., 1997
Community Care Services Inc., 1997
Community Health Care Systems Inc./Healthchoice, 1997
Complete Quality Care Inc., 1997
Comprehensive Breast Health of New York, 1997
Comprehensive Managed Care, 1997
CompScript Inc., 1997
Computer Sciences Corporation, 1997
Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, 1997
Consumer Health Network, 1997
Copa Casino, 1997
Coram Healthcare Corporation, 1997
County of Sonoma, 1997
Coventry Corporation, 1997
Coventry Health Care Inc., 1997
CRA Managed Care Inc., 1997
Crouse Health, 1997
D.C. Chartered Health Plan, 1997
Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, 1997
Dental Benefit Providers Inc., 1997
Dental Health Management Inc., 1997
Department of Community Health, 1997
Department of Corporations, 1997
Diabetes Treatment Centers of America, 1997
Direct Medical Knowledge Inc., 1997
Discovery Healthplan, 1997
Duke University Medical Center, 1998
Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 1997
Employee Solutions Inc., 1997
Erisco, 1997
Evergreen Community Health Care, 1997
Fairview University Medical Center, 1997
FHP International Corporation, 1997
FHP of Illinois, 1997
FHP of Nevada, 1997
First Choice Health Network Inc., 1997
First Choice Health Plan, 1997
First Option Health Plan, 1997
First Option Health Plan, 1997
Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, 1997
Florida Professional Psychological Services Inc., 1997
Fortis Benefits Insurance Company, 1997
Fortis Inc., 1997
Foundation Health Corporation, 1997
Foundation Health Plan of New Mexico, 1997
Foundation Health Systems Inc., 1997
FPA Medical Management Inc., 1997
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1997
General Motors Corporation, 1997
Geneva Regional Health System, 1997
Great American Health Plan, 1997
Green Spring Health Services, 1997
Group Benefit Operations, 1997
Group Health Plan, 1997
Harmony Healthcare, 1997
Harris Methodist Health Plan, 1997
Health Care Cost Management Coalition of Alaska, 1997
Health Care Financing Administration, 1997
Health First Partners, 1997
Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, 1997
Health Net Management Inc., 1997
Health Net TNCare HMO Inc., 1997
Health Plan of the Redwoods, 1997
Health Risk Management Inc., 1997
Health Strategies Inc., 1997
Health Systems Design Corporation, 1997
Health Systems International Inc., 1997
Health Washington, 1997
HealthAmerica, 1997
HealthCare COMPARE Corp., 1997
HealthCare Partners Medical Group, 1997
HealthCare Purchasing Partners Inc., 1997
HealthKeepers Inc., 1997
HealthMax Inc., 1997
Healthplan Southeast, 1997
HealthPlan Services Corporation, 1997
HealthPlus of Michigan, 1997
HealthRight Inc., 1997
Healthsource Inc., 1997
Healthsource New Hampshire, 1997
HealthStar Inc., 1997
HEARx, 1997
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, 1997
HIP Health Plan of New Jersey, 1997
HIP Health Plans, 1997
HMO California, 1997
HMO Georgia Inc., 1997
HMO Oregon, 1997
HMO Virginia, 1997
Horizon Mental Health Management Inc., 1997
Hospital for Sick Children, 1997
Humana Gold Plus Plan Medicare HMO, 1997
Humana Group Health Plan Inc., 1997
Humana Health Care Plans/Humana Kansas City Inc., 1997
Humana Health Plan of Ohio, 1997
Humana Inc., 1997
Humana Medical Plan Inc. — Central Florida, 1997
Humana Medical Plan - Northeast Florida, 1997
Illinois Department of Central Management Services, 1997
ImageMatrix Corporation, 1997
Independence Blue Cross, 1997
Institute for Healthcare Quality, 1997
Institute Integrated Therapeutics Group, 1997
InterGroup Services Corporation, 1997
Intermountain Health Care, 1997
International Alliance Services Inc., 1997
InterQual, 1997
Iowa Health System, 1997
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1997
Johns Hopkins Health System, 1997
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Kansas City Inc., 1997
Kaiser Permanente, 1997
Kaiser Permanente of Ohio, 1997
Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States, 1997
KeyCorp, 1997
Keystone Health Plan Central, 1997
Keystone Health Plan East, 1997
Keystone Mercy Health Plan, 1997
L.A. Care Health Plan, 1997
Laboratory Corporation of America, 1997
Lenox Hill Hospital, 1997
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 1997
Lifeguard Inc., 1997
Long Beach Memorial, 1997
Managed Chiropractics Inc., 1997
Matthew Thornton Health Plan, 1997
Maxicare Health Plans Inc., 1997
Maxicare Health Plans of the Midwest, 1997
MD Health Plan of New Haven, 1997
Medical Mutual of Ohio, 1997
MedicalControl Inc., 1997
Medigroup of New Jersey Inc., 1997
MedImpact, 1997
MedPartners Inc., 1997
MedPlans 2000, 1997
MedView Services Inc., 1997
Memorial Health Services, 1997
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 1997
MercyCare Health Plan Inc., 1997
MetraComp, 1997
MetraHealth Care Plan, 1997
Michigan Insurance Bureau, 1997
Midwestern United Life Insurance Company, 1997
Miller Children’s, 1997
MIM Corporation, 1997
Minnesota Department of Employee Relations, 1997
Mission HealthPlans, 1997
Mountain State Blue Cross & Blue Shield, 1997
MultiCare Health Systems, 1997
Multiplan, 1997
National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company, 1997
National Committee for Quality Assurance, 1997
National Head Start Association, 1997
National Health Enhancement Systems Inc., 1997
National Health Services Inc., 1997
National Prescription Administrators Inc., 1997
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, 1997
New York Life, 1997
New York Life Insurance Company, 1997
New York State Department of Health, 1997
North Shore Health System, 1997
Northern California Health Plan, 1997
NYLCare Health Plans, 1997
NYLCare Health Plans of New Jersey Inc., 1997
Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, 1997
Oklahoma Health Care Authority, 1997
OPNET Inc., 1997
Oral Health Services, 1997
Orange Coast Memorial, 1997
Oregon Insurance Division, 1997
Orlando Regional Healthcare System, 1997
Osco Drug, 1997
Oxford Health Plans, 1997
PACC, 1997
PacifiCare Behavioral Health Inc., 1997
PacifiCare of California, 1997
PacifiCare of Oregon, 1997
PacifiCare of Texas, 1997
Pan-American Life Insurance Company, 1997
Parkview Medical Center, 1997
PCA Health Plans of Florida-Central Region, 1997
PCA Health Plans of Florida-North Region, 1997
PCA Health Plans of Florida-South Region, 1997
PCS Health Systems Inc., 1997
Pennsylvania Blue Shield, 1997
Pennsylvania Physicians Care, 1997
Peoples Health Network, 1997
Pharmacy Gold Inc., 1997
PHC Inc., 1997
Phoenix Healthcare Corporation, 1997
PHP Healthcare Corporation, 1997
Physician Corporation of America, 1997
Physician Healthcare Plan of New Jersey, 1997
Physicians Health Services, 1997
Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, 1997
Pioneer Healthcare, 1997
Pragmatech Software, 1997
Preferred Health Network, 1997
Preferred Health Professionals, 1997
Presbyterian Health Plan, 1997
Presbyterian Healthcare Services, 1997
PrimeVision Health, 1997
Principal Health Care Inc., 1997
Principal Health Care of Georgia
Principal Health Care of Texas, 1997
Private Healthcare Systems, 1997
Pro-Mark, 1997
ProActive Health Institute, 1997
ProAmerica Managed Care
Provident American Corporation
Prudential Healthcare, 1997
Prudential HealthCare-North Carolina, 1997
Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration, 1997
QualCare Preferred Provider, 1997
QualChoice, 1997
QualMed Philadelphia Health Plan, 1997
QualMed Plans for Health of Colorado Inc., 1997
QualMed Washington Health Plan Inc.-Inland North west Division, 1997
QualMed Washington Health Plan Inc.-Puget Sound Division, 1997
Radiology Management Sciences LLC, 1997
Red Brick Systems Inc., 1997
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon, 1997
Reliance Insurance Company, 1997
Renal Management Strategies, 1997
RightCHOICE Managed Care Inc., 1997
Rothenberg Health System Inc., 1997
Saddleback Memorial, 1997
Schering-Plough Corporation, 1997
Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc., 1997
SelectCare, 1997
Service Merchandise, 1997
Shands Hospital, 1997
Sierra Health Services Inc., 1997
SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories, 1997
Specialty Management, 1997
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 1997
St. Louis Children’s Hospital, 1997
St. Mary Corwin Medical Center, 1997
State of California, 1997
State of Illinois, 1997
State of Kentucky, 1997
State of Montana, 1997
State of Nevada Division of Insurance, 1997
Stevens Healthcare, 1997
Strong Partners Health System, 1997
tuart Disease Management Services Inc., 1997
Sul America Seguros, 1997
SunStar Health Plan Inc., 1997
SunStar Healthcare Inc., 1997
Sutter Health, 1997
Swedish Health Services, 1997
The Colorado Network, 1997
The Principal Financial Group, 1997
The University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, 1997
Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield, 1997
U.S. Department of Defense, 1997
United American Healthcare Corporation, 1997
United Health Services, 1997
United Healthcare Corporation, 1997
United HealthCare of California Inc., 1997
United HealthCare of Colorado Inc., 1997
United HealthCare of Illinois, 1997
United HealthCare of Nevada, 1997
United HealthCare of Ohio, 1997
United HealthCare of Oregon Inc., 1997
United Payors & United Providers Inc., 1997
United Resource Networks, 1997
United Wisconsin Services Inc., 1997
Unity Health System, 1997
University of Alabama Medical Center, 1997
University of Chicago Hospitals, 1997
University of Florida Health System, 1997
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, 1997
University of Nebraska Medical Center, 1997
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 1997
University of Utah Hospital and Clinics, 1997
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, 1997
USA Managed Care Organization, 1997
Utilization Review Accreditation Commission, 1997
Value Behavioral Health, 1997
Value Health Inc., 1997
VHA Empire State, 1997
Virginia Mason Medical Center, 1997
Wausau (Wis.) Insurance, 1997
WCA Hospital, 1997
Well Care HMO, 1997
WellCare Management Group Inc., 1997
WellCare of New York Inc., 1997
Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa, 1997
Wellmark Inc., 1997
WellPath Select Inc., 1997
WellPoint Health Networks Inc., 1997
Wilson Memorial Hospital, 1997
Woodmen Accident and Life Company, 1997

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