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Healthcare Costs

Nonprofit Hospitals May Be as Cost Efficient as For-Profit Hospitals, June 1997
Healthcare Costs Believed To Be on the Rise Again, August 1997

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Direct Contracting Offers Hospitals Opportunity To Compete for Market Share, January 1997
Patients Weigh Interpersonal Skills of Staff When Recommending Hospitals to Others, February 1997
Consolidation of Emergency Services Marks the Last Step for Aligning Healthcare Organizations, January 1997
Tenet Healthcare Merges With OrNda HealthCorp, February 1997
Providers in Philadelphia Market Are Not Responding to Healthcare Market Changes, February 1997
New Report Helps Providers Develop Integration Strategies, February 1997
Alliance Affirmed by Successful Joint Products, May 1997
Contracting With Medicare May Turn Into New Business Opportunity, June 1997
Virtual Integration May Offer Flexibility That Traditional Integration Lacks, June 1997
New Ambulatory Care Facility Designed To Attract Patients, June 1997
How To Market Hospice Services to Referral Sources, July 1997
One-To-One Marketing Helps Healthcare Organizations Gain "Share of Customer," August 1997
Hospital-Owned Nursing Homes Show Minimal (if any) Profits, But Save Bottom-Line Dollars, September 1997
Integration Efforts Bolstered by Hospital-Sponsored MSO, September 1997
How To Develop an Effective, Trackable and Implementable Marketing Plan, October 1997
How To Define, Communicate Your Integrated Delivery System, November 1997
New Market Research Technique Uncovers Hidden Customer Behaviors, November 1997
Use Market Segmentation To Predict How Consumers Will Behave, November 1997
Healthcare Entities Decide for Joint Venture Initiatives Instead of Merger, November 1997
How To Overcome the Danger of Brand Simplification, December 1997
Create Healthcare System To Improve Market Position, December 1997

Healthcare Public Relations and Advertising

How To Communicate Through the Press Using Single Overriding Communication Objectives, March 1997
Pharmaceutical Company Goes Directly to Consumers To Advertise Depression Medication, March 1997
Seniors May Be Harder To Target Than You Think, April 1997
Advertising Campaign Attempts To Position Blue Cross Blue Shield in Contemporary Light, May 1997
Hospitals To Undertake Education Program About Ulcers, July 1997
New Advertising Campaign Targets People Who Suffer From Depression, August 1997
How You Can Prevent Crisis Events From Blowing Up, September 1997
How To Prepare Your Organization for a Crisis, October 1997
Healthcare Industry Has an Image Problem Among Patients, Small Businesses and General Public, October 1997
Physicians' Communication Skills Important To Keep Patients Satisfied, December 1997

Innovative Programs

Hospital Initiates Humor Channel To Improve Patients' Health, January 1997
Hospital Installs Computers To Improve Access to Information and Patient Care, February 1997
Griffin Hospital Provides Free Checkups To Counter "Drive-Thru" Deliveries, March 1997
Hospital Discontinues Inpatient Services To Become Community Health Resource Center, March 1997
Pennsylvania Hospitals Take Lead To Improve Immunization Rates, April 1997
Health System To Turn Donated Library Into Health Center, April 1997
Hospital Opens Behavioral Center for Older Adults, April 1997
Hospital's Van Brings Healthcare Services to the Homeless, June 1997
How a Hospital Improved Services for the Families of Patients, July 1997
Organizations Collaborate To Improve Children's Healthcare Services, September 1997
How Allegheny University Hospitals Will Reduce Excess Bed Capacity, October 1997

Looking Ahead in Healthcare

New Year Presents Challenges, Opportunities for Healthcare Marketing, Communication Professionals, January 1997
Genesys Health System Combines Four Hospitals To Create "Hospital of the Future," February 1997
Principal Challenges to Healthcare Industry for the Year 2000 Cited, March 1997
What To Expect in the Healthcare Industry Into the 21st Century, May 1997
Health System Changes Needed To Meet Future Demands What You Might See, July 1997
The Changes You Can Expect From Medicare Managed Care, July 1997

Managed Care Marketing

How To Succeed in the Medicare Managed Care Market, January 1997
Health Plans Reach Out To Cover Uninsured Children, January 1997
Health Plan Incorporates "Personal Touch" Into Its Medicare Product
States Impose Marketing Restrictions on Medicaid Managed Care Plans, June 1997
Provider-Owned HMOs Get Together To Reduce Costs, Build Business Opportunities, June 1997
Humana Physician Forums Feature Open Dialogue Problem-Solving Strategy, July 1997
How Oxford Is Improving Access to Healthcare Services in Underserved Communities
Joint Commission Develops Performance Measures for Health Plans and Networks, July 1997
MCOs Use Large Scale Acquisitions To Expand Market Presence, August 1997
Feds Release Marketing Guidelines for Medicare Managed Care Plans and Contracted Providers, October 1997
Managed Healthcare Company Strives for Better Service, November 1997

Managed Care Market Trends

0 How Marketing Motivations in Managed Care Differ by Level of Payment, January 1997
How to Succeed in the Medicare Managed Care Market, January 1997
Majority of HMO Enrollees in Metropolitan Markets, February 1997
Employers Look To Managed Care To Cover Retiree Healthcare Costs, March 1997
California HMOs Enroll More Than 31 Percent of Total Medicare Risk Enrollees, April 1997
Open Managed Care Plans Drive Need for You To Develop Brand Identity for Your Healthcare System, May 1997
HMOs Are Still Growing and Expanding Into New Areas, June 1997
MCOs Respond to Market Demands by Opening Provider Networks, July 1997
The Factors That Influence Medicare HMO Penetration, August 1997
Most American Workers Have Access to Health Plans With Ability To Go Out of Network, August 1997
Hospitals Given the Go Ahead To Compete With MCOs for Medicare Business, September 1997
Major Growth Expected in Medicare Managed Care Market, October 1997
Large Metropolitan Areas Lead Growth in HMO Enrollment; Smaller Markets Report Flat Growth, November 1997
Retirees Satisfied With Their Managed Care Plans, December 1997
Use the Postacute Continuum To Win the Managed Care Game, December 1997

Management Measures

New Directory Provides Overview of Managed and Integrated Care Organizations, January 1997
Co-Op Marketing Opportunity Available, February 1997
Joint Commission To Integrate Outcomes Into Accreditation, March 1997
New Directory Profiles National Integrated DeliverY Systems, March 1997
Strategies To Improve Medication Error Rates, April 1997
How To Improve Patient Satisfaction, April 1997
Examine Physician Offices To Improve the Delivery of Healthcare, September 1997
How To Shift Your Career Into High Gear, November 1997, Management Clinic

Market Strategies

Thomas Memorial Hospital and Option Care Inc. signed a joint venture agreement for Option Care to provide home care services for the hospital, January 1997
The University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic merged with Fairview, a Minneapolis-based community focused health system, January 1997
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri and its subsidiary, RightCHOICE Managed Care Inc., will pursue an in-depth analysis of a possible business combination or other form of strategic alliance with BJC Health System, February 1997
Northwest Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center approved an affiliation agreement, February 1997
Sinai Hospital and The Detroit Medical Center merged, February 1997
CAPP CARE Inc. will be extending its network of hospitals and physicians in New York and New Jersey through an arrangement with MultiPlan Inc., February 1997
Harris Methodist Health System and Presbyterian Healthcare Resources signed a non-binding letter of intent to merge, March 1997
Columbia-CSA/HS Greater Cleveland Area Healthcare System L.P. acquired Saint Luke's Medical Center, March 1997
Laurelwood Hospital and University Hospitals Health System signed a binding letter of intent, April 1997
St. Margaret Memorial Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center System merged, April 1997
Meridian Health System and the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey initiated merger discussions and will be entering into a confidentiality agreement, May 1997
Alegent Health will exercise its option to acquire the remainder of 208-bed Midlands Community Hospital, May 1997
Doctors Health Plan Inc. reached the 20,000 member mark in the enrollment base of its health maintenance organizations, June 1997
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital plans to become a member of the Jefferson Health System, June 1997
Holy Cross Care Services, Walls Regional Medical Center and the Methodist Medical Center of Jacksonville signed agreements with Mariner Health Group Inc., July 1997
Laurelwood Hospital, a nonprofit facility for behavioral health and addictive disease services, became part of University Hospitals Health System, July 1997
Geisinger Health System and Hershey Medical Center merged into a new nonprofit physician-led health system, August 1997
Riverside Hospital signed a letter of intent to have Riverside and its North Coast Affiliates join Mercy Health Partners, August 1997
Rex Healthcare will join Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, September 1997
The University of California, Los Angeles Health Network and Aetna U.S. Healthcare finalized a long-term agreement, October 1997
Tenet Healthcare Corp. sold French Hospital Medical Center to Vista Hospital Systems Inc., October 1997
Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield launched a "gatekepperless" health maintenance organization to meet the needs of both employers and employees, November 1997
McKeesport Hospital and UPMC Health System signed a letter of intent to merge, November 1997
Oxford Health Plans Inc., through its Specialty Management subsidiary, signed agreements with Lenox Hill Hospital to provide coordinated diagnosis and treatment for patients needing specialty care, December 1997

Technology in Healthcare

New Software May Help You Improve Your Web Site, January 1997
Healthcare Industry Could Benefit More From Internet, March 1997
Telemedicine Gaining Prominence in Healthcare, April 1997
Healthcare Industry Playing Catch-up With Internet as Communication Platform, May 1997
How You Can Use the World Wide Web To Promote Your Services, August 1997
New Service May Help You Handle Crises Via World Wide Web, December 1997

Trends Affecting Healthcare Community Relations & Marketing

Most Healthcare Consumers Lack Confidence in the Healthcare System, February 1997
How Home Care Has Affected the Nursing Home Market, April 1997
North Central Region Has Greatest Number of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Networks, May 1997
Americans Most Concerned About Quality of Healthcare, May 1997
Variations in Treatment Rates and Resources Fuel the Need for Benchmarking, August 1997
Costly Medical Mistakes Widespread, But Avoidable, December 1997

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